CS:GO Patch Notes 25 January 2023

CS:GO Patch Notes 25 January 2023
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Tarran Stockton


26th Jan 2023 13:52

The CS:GO patch notes for January 25, 2023 are here, and while there aren't many changes at all, the changes that have been made look like they'll have a big effect on the Anubis map and how it plays. 

CounterStrike: Global Offensive has been one of the biggest shooters on the planet for a decade, and it's seen some of its biggest changes in the past year, with the legendary Dust II being removed from the active map rotation. This leaves space for newer maps to stake their claim in the CounterStrike canon, but some of them still receive tweaks now and then to make the most of their potential. 

So, if you want to know how Anubis has changed in the latest update, check out the CS:GO patch notes for January 25, 2023. 

CS:GO Patch Notes 25 January 2023

CS:GO Patch Notes 25 January 2023
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Here are all the changes from the official release notes, which can be found on the CounterStrike blog.



  • Trimmed Ivy at B long.
  • Reduced size of trim at B Long.
  • Ruins are slightly less ruined.
  • Adjusted clipping at Ruins and B long.
  • Adjusted shape of Boat in Canal.
  • Lowered the water grates at the back of Canal.
  • Adjusted grenade clipping around bomb sites.
  • Minor optimizations.


  • A winter storm has hit Ember, expect delays.

This is the first patch for CS:GO in 2023 so far, but we expect bigger updates to be in the pipeline due to the smaller and more focused nature of this patch. 

That's all for our rundown of the CS:GO patch notes for January 25, 2023, and now know what changes have been made to the Anubis and Ember maps.  

We also have an explainer of the CS:GO ranking system, which covers how competitive works, and the different ranks in order. 

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