Overwatch 2 characters list: All heroes

Overwatch 2 characters list: All heroes
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6th Apr 2023 17:12

Overwatch 2 is home to a massive variety of characters old and new. That's also as well as gameplay changes to this sequel, like the the change to 5v5 multiplayer. So, let's get into full Overwatch 2 characters list.

New Overwatch 2 Characters


Overwatch 2 characters Sojourn
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The Overwatch 2 Hero Sojourn is a DPS character, blessed with enhanced movement mechanics, a deadly rail gun, and more, detailed in our Overwatch 2 Sojourn abilities guide marked below. The Canadian DPS with a mean knee slide and a fresh exo-suit that packs a hidden weapon.

Junker Queen

overwatch 2 characters junket queen
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Also arriving in Overwatch 2 is Junker Queen. This Aussie is a Tank hero with plenty of gear to keep herself alive and control the battlefield. Perhaps her most powerful ability is the passive that lets her heal damage over time to all wounds. We can see Junker Queen quickly becoming a staple character for players that like to solo queue.


overwatch 2 characters kiriko
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Completing the role trio is Kiriko, who strolls into Overwatch 2 as a Support character. She is an incredibly powerful healer - especially with her ability to teleport to teammates through walls. And she has an adorable little fox pet for an Ultimate ability. Who can say no to that?!


overwatch 2 characters ramattra
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A new Tank hero added to the game in December 2022, Ramattra is one of the new Overwatch 2 characters you won't want to miss. This brutal leader of Null Sector comes with a handful of epic abilities - including Pummel, Void Barrier, Ravenous Vortex, and the brutal Annihilation.


overwatch 2 characters lifeweaver
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Further expanding the Overwatch 2 character list of Support choices, is Season 4 hero, Lifeweaver. Although its primary abilities are based around quickly healing your team - but to also reach them quickly across the maps for continusous support. 

Returning Overwatch 2 Characters


overwatch 2 characters ana
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The first in alphetical order of returning Overwatch 2 characters, is Ana. As the first-ever Overwatch hero to be added to the game after the original squad was released, Ana will continue to be a meddlesome sniper in Overwatch 2


overwatch 2 characters ashe
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Ashe has returned to Overwatch 2 with a slightly new look, which had already been showcased in an at-the-time recent release from Blizzard. Back with her trusty omnic butler, B.O.B, this Damage hero is back and ready to be once again one of your favourite gunslingers. 


overwatch 2 characters bastion
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Bastion got a major re-work as one of the returning Overwatch 2 characters, as the robot will now be able to move whilst operating his Sentry Turret, as a result of the fast-paced game.

Although The Overwatch 2 hero has lost the power to self-repair, whilst being equipped with a new bouncy sticky bomb.


overwatch 2 characters Brigitte
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Another Overwatch 2 character that is being adapted slightly is the pretty-faced brutus of hero, Brigitte. This ready-to-rumble stalwart of the franchise is having her kit changed drastically, including losing her stun grenade in favour of some new abilities.


overwatch 2 characters cassidy
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Previously known as McCree, the Overwatch 2 hero is operating under his new name, Cole Cassidy. The Cowboy's name was changed due to ties with his creator, Jason McCree, who was named in the Activision Blizzard lawsuit of workplace harassment.

Cole Cassidy, destined to write a new journey as one of the returning Overwatch 2 characters, will continue as a Damage hero.


overwatch 2 characters d.va
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It wouldn't be an Overwatch title without D.Va, and the sweetheart of the franchise is back in the sequel. However, the tank has undergone some big changes, as her entire class has gotten much-needed buffs to combat the loss of an off-tank in the Overwatch 2 5v5 adaptations.


overwatch 2 characters Doomfist
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When you consider that reworks that have come for Doomfist, it's no wonder that the game has been delayed due to the current hero pool. In the sequel, this returning member of Overwatch 2 characters became much more defensive with his crowd-control effects adapted, although you still won't want to be caught by one of his uppercuts.


overwatch 2 characters echo
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As the last Hero to make their way into the pool of the original Overwatch, it's no surprise Echo joined the sequel in the Overwatch 2 characters line-up, which had already been showcased in advertising material.


overwatch 2 characters genji
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The assassin of the title, Genji, has continued his warpath in Overwatch 2, and like most Damage heroes, has been very familiar in gameplay. A favourite amongst Damage players, Genji will be a welcome sight for those who have only just got back into OW2.


overwatch 2 characters hanzo
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Much like Genji, Hanzo has not been worked around too much when he returned as one of the Overwatch 2 characters. Although, his new look does reflect a certain essence of hunk, to the delight of particular fans. 


overwatch 2 characters junkrat
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From hunk to Junk-rat, another character with a deep-rooted history in the game has returned. However, the Overwatch 2 variant of Junkrat has seen his Trap ability overhauled, allowing opponents to move slightly in the trap to avoid the Mine combo.


overwatch 2 characters lucio
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Apart from a fresh new look, Lucio has returned to Overwatch 2 more or less the same as before. For returning players who've just started Overwatch 2, this is a popular choice for players getting back into the swing of things. 


overwatch 2 characters mei
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Falling victim to the 5v5 gameplay, where there's much more emphasis on movement, Mei has returned, albeit without the ability to completely freeze opponents with her Endothermic Blaster. Instead, her ability slows opponents down and deals more damage, potentially making her a more viable pick for returning players amongst Overwatch 2 characters.


overwatch 2 characters mercy
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After seeing her Resurrect ability swapped from a team-based ultimate to a single-use cooldown, Mercy is back as one of the Overwatch 2 characters. Although, her kit has been tweaked again to provide mobility rather than a revive.


overwatch 2 characters moira
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Moira has returned as an Overwatch 2 hero, although there had been uncertainty around her kit. As a viable Healer with formbiddale damage-dealing capabilties, she's definitely one of the most formiddable Overwatch 2 characters to look out for. 


overwatch 2 characters orisa
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Having already featured in the Overwatch 2 beta, Orisa's kit has changed significantly, as only her Fortify ability remains. Three new abilities have been added, making up for three original moves that have been stripped away.


overwatch 2 characters pharah
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Blessing the skies in the Overwatch 2 characters hero pool is Pharah. Her abilities have remained rather consistent, much like the other DPS characters - her moveset still focusing on taking to the air and dealing death from above. 


overwatch 2 characters reaper
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A new look is the only thing on its way for Reaper, as the shady villain has continued to be meddling in the shadows of Overwatch 2. This Damage hero is still a hard-hitting hoot to play as in OW2.


overwatch 2 characters Reinhardt
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Despite most tanks having a rework in Overwatch 2 ahead of the launch, Reinhardt has been almost untouched. Still with his trust hammer and shield, this Gandalf-looking brute is one of the more mobile of his group.


overwatch 2 characters roadhog
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Much like Reinhardt, Overwatch 2 pros initially revealed that Roadhog would play very similarly to how he did in the first game. The lack of changes means he's either really effective or dreadful, with very little middle ground.


overwatch 2 characters sigma
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The Tank pool may have been hit with some heavy blows, but Sigma is still as viable as ever. As one of the Overwatch 2 characters, his abilities have only had minor adjustments in the sequel.

Soldier 76

overwatch 2 characters solider 76
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A straight-up shooter like Soldier 76 doesn't need much tweaking to be placed in any game. After being revealed to be one of the Overwatch 2 heroes, he's felt right at home whilst traversing and shooting across the new maps.


overwatch 2 characters sombra
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The first hero to have her reworked kit revealed was Sombra, as the developers showcased her new look alongside details of her new abilities.

Sombra’s new passive boosts her damage output to hacked enemies by 50%, and she can also see hacked enemies through walls. Sombra has easily been one of the most deadly Overwatch 2 heroes.


overwatch 2 characters symmetra
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Back as an Overwatch 2 Damage hero, Symmetra has been back as a nuisance for enemy teams as she was in the original game. From her team-helpful teleporter to pesky sentry turrets, Symmetra has been a welcome addition for any squad. 


overwatch 2 characters Torbjorn
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Torbjorn is as stubborn as an ox, and developers have reluctant to go anywhere near him going into Overwatch 2. You can expect the same old damage output from this hero, including his super-fun turret.


overwatch 2 characters Tracer
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Arguably the most well-known hero, Tracer is of course one of the Overwatch 2 characters. The time-jumping Damage hero is back with her usual abilities - including Blink, Recall, and Pulse Bomb.


overwatch 2 characters widowmaker
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She's sleek and slim and a fan favourite in the franchise, so it's no surprise that Widowmaker is back to Overwatch 2. That's along with a fresh new skin to emphasise her iconic hair.


overwatch 2 characters winston
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Winston's fate in Overwatch 2 was in doubt when the game was announced. However, the developers have since made major changes to the tank to give him some much-needed love.

Wrecking Ball

overwatch 2 characters Wrecking Ball
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Our favourite cheeky chops, Wrecking Ball, has gotten major upgrades in the sequel. That's because Blizzard has looked to utilise its mobility and power to make him one of the more well-adapted Overwatch 2 characters.


overwatch 2 characters Zarya
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Bringing the muscle, as always, is Zarya, who has ditched her pink hair for a blonde tone. Whar's more, she's leaned into her image with a brand-new pink outfit in order to pack sass into her every punch.


overwatch 2 characters zenyatta
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Zenyatta had been eyed in Overwatch 2 showcases, and fans are already liked what they saw. That's also been with some nice visual changes to his abilities that make using Zen much easier.

Leaked Overwatch 2 Characters


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Finally, one of the more far-fetched theories is that Magnus will be coming to the sequel, as a released showcase appears to have his statue erected in the background. As a character never previously shown before, eagle-eyed fans expect Magnus to be another of the new Overwatch 2 heroes.

That's all you need to know about the complete list of Overwatch 2 characters.

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