New 'Leaked' Overwatch 2 Hero Is Dividing Fans' Opinions

New 'Leaked' Overwatch 2 Hero Is Dividing Fans' Opinions
Images via Activision Blizzard

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Jack Marsh


14th Mar 2022 16:43

The Overwatch 2 beta is on the horizon and, as D.Va prepares to get the ball rolling for the sequel's arrival, the devs have begun to wave new images of the game in fans' faces, in a homecoming-esque fashion.

Despite not really showing off anything new, at all, for the upcoming title since the 2021 Blizzcon reveal, fans are now divided as to whether Activision Blizzard has slipped a new Hero into some of the art; some believe that the second new Overwatch 2 character to be Magnus, whilst others are convinced that he's just a stone sculpture for a Roman-themed map.

Is Magnus A New Overwatch 2 Hero?

It was previously revealed that one of the reasons behind Overwatch 2's extensive delays was a direct result of current Hero reworks, signifying that the team had poured a lot of resources into the existing characters. 

Well, ahead of the closed beta that will arrive in April, just Sojourn has been revealed as a brand-new Hero for Overwatch 2, although, she can't be the only fresh face to grace our presence, right?

Step up, Magnus: an unknown body that has been paraded in a recent image, who people believe is now the second new Hero in Overwatch 2.

The statue depicts a Melee-looking brute, clad in armour typical of a Roman warrior, topped off with an Anubis-esque helmet. Equipped with a sword and with a beam of light illuminating from its head, some fans now think that the statue is of a character that will arrive in Overwatch 2.

But some aren't convinced.

Why Is Magnus Not Convincing Overwatch 2 Fans?

"Cool design but something tells me that it's unlikely we're going to see more melee characters in the game," one fan said, which sparked a debate as to whether or not more melee characters are actually necessary, considering there are early rumbles from the professional community that the long-range heroes need balancing the most.

Others noticed that the setting of the new Rome map means a character inspired by that location is likely. "Usually, we have characters from areas in the world that we have maps for.. we have no Roman characters yet!" one fan suggested.

However, most are convinced that it is merely decoration. Comments such as "Probably not a hero but that’s a dope design", "Most likely just a map aspect", and "That's a statue" were amongst the most popular replies, signifying that other fans are not yet convinced of Magnus' arrival.
We'll soon know more about any upcoming arrivals to Overwatch 2 though. Make sure to sign up for the beta to get a closer look.
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