Is Overwatch 2 Cross Platform?

Is Overwatch 2 Cross Platform?
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3rd Oct 2022 16:47

Many players are wondering, is Overwatch 2 cross platform, and can they join up with friends on other devices? Blizzard's sequel to the massive hero shooter that released back in 2016 is now here, and with it are new features, like characters, maps, game modes, and more. Overwatch 2 is already confirmed to have cross progression, which will allow users to keep their account progress between any platform. So read on for a breakdown of Overwatch 2 crossplay. 

Will Overwatch 2 Have Crossplay?

Is Overwatch 2 Cross Platform?
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While some players aren’t keen on crossplay in games, citing that it’s unfair to mix console and PC players, some enjoy it. Topics like aim assist on console and cheating/hacking on PC come up time and time again when crossplay is whispered about online.

Speaking to IGN at BlizzConline 2021, Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment and Game Director of Overwatch Jeff Kaplan explained a little more about the possibility of crossplay being introduced to Overwatch 2 saying “we are extremely supportive and excited about the concept of cross-play. We love it in other games. In general, our thought is any system the game can adequately run on, and any way that people can play with their friends – even just for reasons of improving the matchmaking experience – we’re very excited about those ideas.”


It was later confirmed as a launch feature for Overwatch 2 in a press release on June 12, which stated the game would feature "a new five-versus-five multiplayer format with cross-platform play and cross-platform progression."

This means players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms will be able to play with each other, but you can also change your settings to queue with just the players on your own platform.

That's all for our breakdown of the Overwatch 2 cross platform feature, and now you know that the game is set to have it on launch. 

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