Overwatch 2 patch notes (May 2023): Starwatch Galactic Rescue event, Hero updates & Deathmatch release

Overwatch 2 patch notes (May 2023): Starwatch Galactic Rescue event, Hero updates & Deathmatch release
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Kiera Mills


11th May 2023 11:42


The Overwatch 2 May update has dropped with new patch notes in preparation for the new Starwatch: Galactic Rescue event and upcoming Competitive Deathmatch season.

For a rundown of the most important Overwatch 2 patch notes, read on. We’ll go through key Hero updates, the Ping system and more for the game.

Overwatch 2 Competitive Deathmatch season release date

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The Competitive Deathmatch season will begin on May 16th.

This is a new version of the hugely popular Battle for Olympus event which will also return to Overwatch 2 for a limited time this month.

Overwatch 2 May 2023 patch notes

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Along with the usual general bug fixes and map bugs, the Overwatch 2 May patch notes contain the following fundamental changes to the game.

New Starwatch: Galactic Rescue Event

The new Starwatch: Galactic Rescue Event has dropped with the May 2023 patch notes. Join in this four-point assault mode to rescue 3CH-0 from the Galactrius starship, or side with the Empire and push back the rebels.

Choose your side wisely as whichever wins the most battles by the end of the event will decide the fate of the galaxy.

The event is hosting a variety of galactic-themed skins and other cosmetics including the Asteroid Wrecking Ball epic skin and up to 50,000 Battle Pass XP.

Ping System

  • "Group Up" can now be used while dead.
  • Added a new setting to Controls -> Communication -> Ping - Options -> Enable Contextual Comms Wheel. When enabled, this setting changes "Group Up" and "Need Healing" to use alternate comms when aiming at allies. This setting is "Off" by default.
  • Junker Queen can now ping targets through surfaces that her knife is stuck in, in the same way that Zenyatta can ping targets his Discord is attached to.

Push Game mode

  • The respawn time for players is increased by 2 seconds from 10s to 12s while their team’s forward spawn location is activated.

Overwatch 2 Hero updates

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Along with bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements (the ability to toggle off certain timers and text for characters), there are the following Hero ability adjustments.

Junker Queen

  • Increased her self-healing and offensive sustainability.
  • Scattergun ammo increased from 6 to 8.
  • Jagged Blade projective size increased.
  • Rampage now deals 40 impact damage, decreasing wound from 100 to 60.
  • Adrenaline passive healing increased.


  • Damage increased from 12 to 13.


  • Jet Pack damage radius before falloff begins increased from 1 to 1.3 meters.

Wrecking Ball

  • Adaptive Shield duration decreased from 9 to 7 seconds.


  • Duplicate cost reduced by 25%.
  • Ultimate generation decreased from 5.5x to 4x while Duplicate is active.


  • Concussion Mine maximum damage increased from 100 to 110.


  • Explosion healing decreased from 100 to 60 for the Biotic Grenade.


  • Immortality Field cooldown decreased from 25 to 23 seconds.


  • Kunai reloads after 65% per cent of the animation has been completed instead of previous 75%
  • New Hero Option: "Healing Ofuda Cancels Reload".


  • Reinhardt is no longer a valid target for Life Grip during Earthshatter, and using Earthshatter will cancel Life Grip.

That's our full explainer of the Overwatch 2 patch notes, and now you know about all the newest content in this update, including the Starwatch Galactic Rescue event and more. 

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Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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