Sources: Soujourn, Orisa, And Doomfist Abilities From The Overwatch 2 Alpha

Sources: Soujourn, Orisa, And Doomfist Abilities From The Overwatch 2 Alpha

Written by 

Sascha "Yiska" Heinisch


18th Mar 2022 16:30

GGRecon has talked with several sources who have had access to the closed Alpha test of Overwatch 2’s PvP mode. Due to these parties having signed non-disclosure agreements, sources have requested anonymity.

Several sources have shared that the gameplay experience has held steady to Overwatch’s "profile" while encountering noticeably fewer shields. The majority of sources that described a noticeable change in how the game plays have pointed out the tank role to have been most affected, in line with the sea change that OW2 has brought to that role. 

Almost universally, sources agree that Sojourn has left a strong first impression and is likely overtuned. Sources have advised that she will need to be adjusted down a notch, as she currently dishes out an oppressive amount of damage through her rail-gun ability, allowing her to one-shot headshot 200HP targets and her Disruptor Shot, a grenade-like field that also slows enemies in an area around it. Her Power slide ability has both horizontal and vertical movement, and is on a five-second cooldown. In practice, it apparently plays like an improved and more fluid version of Baptiste’s Exo Boost.

Orisa’s kit has changed significantly; of her previous kit, she only keeps her Fortify ability which now also gives her additional HP. She has received three new abilities while her Halt!, Supercharger, and Protective Barrier have been removed. Instead, she has received a new ability called Energy Spear, a javelin which knocks opponents back upon hit and deals additional damage when shoving them into a wall. Her new 'E' ability, Spear Spin, destroys projectiles in front of Orisa, giving her additional movement speed and pushes enemies out of the way.

Finally, her new ultimate Terra Lance pulls opponents towards Orisa in a large radius, reducing damage taken by her as she becomes immune to crowd control effects and channels the ability. The longer the ability is channelled, the more damage is dealt.


Doomfist has moved to the tank role and had his kit adjusted, as well as his HP increased. Rocket Punch had its damage lowered significantly, but receives additional functionality through a new ability introduced in the kit. The new skill Power Block, which allows him to absorb damage for a short amount of time, will charge his Rocket Punch’s damage temporarily to comparable levels as they are on live today. Rising Uppercut and Seismic Slam have been made into one ability in that Doomfist will Uppercut at the start of his ability while slamming down in a much wider area to provide crowd control. The damage of this ability has also been described as moderate.

No other additional heroes have made the alpha test so far. GGRecon will update as more information is provided. Blizzard declined to comment. 


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