Apex Legends: Where Are The Legends From?

Apex Legends: Where Are The Legends From?
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28th May 2021 12:30

Where are the Legends from in Apex Legends? If you're wondering about the homeworld for all the gutsy protagonists in Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends, then you've come to the right place. Despite Apex Legends not having a single player story of any kind, each of the playable characters does have comprehensive lore behind them, revealed through trailers, comics, voice lines, and more. So if you want to know where the Apex Legends come from, keep reading.

Apex Legends: Where Is Gibraltar From?

Makoa Gibraltar is a Pacific Islander whose homeworld is Solace. Solace is a desert planet in the Outlands where the season is always summer. Luckily for Gibby, Kings Canyon is on Solace, so fighting on that map feels like home. The wildlife on Solace includes the infamous Flyers and behemoth Leviathans. 

Gibraltar is from a small town outside of Solace City named Little Mouse.

apex legends where is Gibraltar from
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Apex Legends: Where Is Bangalore From?

Our favourite badass soldier babe Banglore is from Gridiron, a vastly populated planet on The Frontier. Housing 90 million people, Gridiron was where the Frontier War took place, and despite extensive terraforming, the planet still suffers from near-fatal solar radiation.

apex legends where is Bangalore from
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Apex Legends: Where is Lifeline from?

Lifeline's homeworld is Psamathe, an urban city in the Outlands, housing many super-rich inhabitants. Psamathe is the smallest planet in the Outlands, but does boast a floating city in the sky - the Apex Games map Olympus.

apex legends where is lifeline from
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Apex Legends: Where Is Bloodhound From?

Bloodhound's home planet is Talos, a volcanic world in the Outlands, where Prowlers run wild. The tracker Legend grew up in a location only referred to as "Bloodhound's village", where their small community of hunters resided. Talos is also home to World's Edge (an Apex Games battleground), and Phase Runner, an Arenas map.

apex legends where is bloodhound from
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Apex Legends: Where Is Mirage From?

Just like Gibraltar, Mirage is from Solace. Mirage may not be welcome on his homeworld anymore though however, as Mirage Voyage was crashed by the holographic trickster into the city of Komma. Some good came from the disaster though - Ash converted it into the Arenas map Party Crasher.

apex legends where is mirage from
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Apex Legends: Where Is Caustic From?

Caustic hails from Gaea, a planet in the Outlands with both urban and farmland locations. Caustic (real name Alexander Nox) was born in Hollygrove, but was later "found dead" while working as an experimental scientist at Humbert Labs in Zaldana City.

apex legends where is caustic from
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Apex Legends: Where Is Wraith From?

Typhon, a world on the Frontier, is the home planet of Wraith, and interestingly, the setting for Titanfall 2. Prowlers and Flyers call Typhon their home.

apex legends where is wraith from
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Apex Legends: Where Is Octane From?

Just like childhood best friend Lifeline, Octane is from Psamathe. The stunt master blew his own legs off with a grenade and was saved from a life of boredom by Ajay Che (Lifeline) who gave him bionic limbs.

apex legends where is octane from
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Apex Legends: Where Is Wattson From?

Wattson is yet another Legend from Solace. She hails from a small fishing village named Eelhead Bay.

apex legends where is wattson from
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Apex Legends: Where Is Crypto From?

Just like his arch-nemesis turned frenemy Caustic, Crypto is from Gaea. More specifically, Tae Joon Park is from the largest city in the Outlands - Suotamo.

Apex Legends: Where are the legends from - Crypto
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Apex Legends: Where Is Revenant From?

Although little is known about the assassin Revenant's life pre-simulacrum, he is also from Solace.

apex legends where is revenant from
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Apex Legends: Where Is Loba From?

Loba is of Brazilian descent and appears to be from Olympus (or the world of Psamathe), as her parents were killed by Revenant in a POI there - Bonsai Plaza.

apex legends where is loba from
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Apex Legends: Where Is Rampart From?

Rampart is from Gaea, just like Caustic and Crypto.

apex legends where is rampart from
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Apex Legends: Where Is Horizon From?

Horizon's home planet is Psamathe, but before getting stuck in a black hole for 87 years, she moved her family to the research station on Olympus, Psamathe.

apex legends where is horizon from
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Apex Legends: Where Is Fuse From?

Fuse is from Salvo, a planet formerly in the Fringe Worlds, but recently accepted as the seventh planet in Syndicate Space. The world is in a state of perpetual war.

apex legends where is fuse from
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Apex Legends: Where Is Valkyrie From?

Valkyrie is from Angelia, a planet in The Frontier. While Valkyrie's trailer appears to show her growing up in a farmland environment, the largest city on the planet is Angel City, one of the first settlements in the Frontier. Angelia is also the home planet of Valkyrie's father (Viper) and mother.

apex legends where is valkyrie from
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Apex Legends: Where Is Seer From?

Obi "Seer" Edosalim hails from Boreas, the only Legend to come from this world. He was scrutinised when he first joined the arena, but over time the crowd grew to love him, and he's now a fan favourite.

Apex Legends: Where are the legends from - Seer
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