How to use Disruptor Rounds in Apex Legends

How to use Disruptor Rounds in Apex Legends
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Disruptor Rounds are a hot topic in Apex Legends, but not everyone is familiar with Disruptor Rounds. Disruptor Rounds have undergone many changes in Apex Legends in an effort to balance their immense power, yet now Disruptor Rounds are back as they were in Season 2. This primer will fill you in on how Disruptor Rounds work and how to use Disruptor Rounds in Apex Legends.

What are Disruptor Rounds in Apex Legends?

Disruptor Rounds have undergone many changes over Apex's lengthy history
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Disruptor Rounds originally debuted in Season 2 of Apex Legends as a Hop-Up. This special attachment could be equipped to the Alternator SMG and the RE-45 Auto, increasing damage dealt to shielded targets. However, Disruptor Rounds proved to be so effective that Respawn Entertainment removed the Hop-Up from the game entirely after Season 2.

It wasn't until Seasons 10 and 11 that Respawn Entertainment tried to reintroduce Disruptor Rounds into Apex Legends. This time, Disruptor Rounds were integrated into the Alternator SMG rather than serving as a Hop-Up. To counteract the potency of Disruptor Rounds, you could only find Disruptor Round-infused Alternators in Care Packages.

Respawn Entertainment evidently felt that these changes to Disruptor Rounds left the unique ammunition in a good spot, as Seasons 15 and 16 featured the Disruptor Round-infused RE-45 Auto and Season 17 offered the Disruptor Round-infused L-STAR EMG - both available only in Care Packages.

Now, to the dismay of many, the Apex Legends developers will once again turn Disruptor Rounds into a Hop-Up attachment in Season 18. You can equip the Disruptor Rounds Hop-Up to the Alternator SMG and the Peacekeeper.

How to get Disruptor Rounds in Apex Legends

You will need some luck to find the Disruptor Rounds Hop-Up in Apex Legends
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To get Disruptor Rounds in Apex Legends, you must secure the Disruptor Rounds Hop-Up. The Disruptor Rounds Hop-Up is like any other piece of loot in Apex Legends, available randomly via most loot sources, such as Supply Bins. Occasionally, you may be able to craft Disruptor Rounds in a Replicator.

If you really want to pair your Alternator SMG or Peacekeeper with Disruptor Rounds, your best bet is to search High-Tier Points of Interest and Hot Zones.

How to use Disruptor Rounds in Apex Legends

You can't really go wrong with Disruptor Rounds in Apex Legends
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With a Disruptor Rounds Hop-Up equipped, your weapon will automatically fire Disruptor Rounds. You can tell it's working by the high-pitched noise the Disruptor Rounds give off.

Disruptor Rounds in Apex Legends dish out bonus damage to shielded targets. Because of this, Disruptor Rounds are perfect for opening up a fight and depleting your opponent's shields quickly. With their shields out of the way, you can swap to a secondary weapon and finish off the weakened enemy.

The Peacekeeper especially is going to cause terror with Disruptor Rounds. The Peacekeeper can deal significant damage as is, but with Disruptor Rounds, it's able to rip a foe's Level 5 Evo Shield off with a single shot to the body.

That sums up the basics of Disruptor Rounds in Apex Legends. If you weren't around in Season 2, Season 18: Resurrection is your chance to wield the power of this controversial Hop-Up!

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