Apex Legends Neon Network Collection Event: Dates, Valkyrie Prestige Skin, & more

Apex Legends Neon Network Collection Event: Dates, Valkyrie Prestige Skin, & more
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Coleman Hamstead


26th Jun 2023 07:58

The next Collection Event dropping in Apex Legends is titled Neon Network. There's a lot to look forward to in this Apex Legends event, including a Prestige Skin for Valkyrie and the debut of the Reward Shop. This primer serves as a preview of the Apex Legends Neon Network Collection Event.

Apex Legends Neon Network Collection Event: Start and end dates

The Neon Network Collection Event is scheduled to go live on July 25, 2023. The event will run for two weeks, concluding on August 8, 2023.

Apex Legends Neon Network Collection Event: Skins and other collection items

The Neon Network Collection Event features 24 Cyberpunk-themed Skins and other cosmetic items.
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As is tradition with Apex Legends Collection Events, Neon Network will feature 24 never-before-seen collection items. Below is a list of all the items up for grabs:

Legendary Event Items

  • Stinger Ash Skin
  • Bionic Brink Ballistic Skin
  • Toxic Terminator Caustic Skin
  • Haunt+Heal Lifeline Skin
  • Night Cat Vantage Skin
  • Bionic Bodyguard Gibraltar Skin
  • Amplified Impulse HAVOC Skin
  • Transistor Flatline Skin
  • Jawbreaker P2020 Skin
  • Death Toll L-STAR Skin
  • Rules of Engagement Sentinel Skin
  • Bee Sting Volt Skin

Epic Event Items

  • Fatal Flow CAR Skin
  • Dusk Detail Spitfire Skin
  • Glow Flow G7 Scout Skin
  • Amped Adrenaline Octane Skin
  • Thermodynamic Horizon Skin
  • Enhanced Bangalore Skin
  • Jumping into Action Ash Pose
  • Blocked Gibraltar Pose
  • Cyber-ness Sticker
  • Spectre of Death Holo
  • Hi-flying Hijack Frame
  • Urban Glow Frame

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Apex Legends Neon Network Collection Event: Valkyrie Prestige Skin

The Valkyrie Prestige Skin is the main draw of the Apex Legends Neon Network Collection Event.
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Instead of an Heirloom, the Neon Network Collection Event will introduce a new Prestige Skin to the game, this time for Valkyrie. Acquire all 24 collection items to unlock the Valkyrie Prestige Skin Set.

Prestige Skins all come with three variants, known as tiers. Tier 1 is unlocked automatically, but to get access to Tier 2 and Tier 3, you must complete challenges. To unlock the Tier 2 and Tier 3 variants, you must deal 30,000 damage and 100,000 damage, respectively, as Valkyrie.

Along with the Apex Interceptor Valkyrie Skin, the Valkyrie Prestige Skin Set includes the Bladed Descent Skydive Trail and the Blade Barrage Finisher.

Apex Legends Neon Network Collection Event: Reward Shop

The Rewards Shop is an interesting new addition to Apex Legends.
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For the first time in Apex Legends, the Neon Network Collection Event will offer a Reward Shop. The Reward Shop replaces the reward tracker offered during most Collection Events.

During the Neon Network Collection Event, you can earn currency and exchange it for free limited-time rewards in the Reward Shop. Also, at the same time, you will unlock additional story content, likely relating to the birth of Revenant Reborn.

That wraps up everything we know so far about the Neon Network Collection Event. This Cyberpunk-themed Collection Event starts in Apex Legends on July 25, 2023.

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