How to get the Buster Sword Heirloom in Apex Legends

How to get the Buster Sword Heirloom in Apex Legends
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8th Jan 2024 16:07

The Buster Sword R5 is a brand-new Heirloom, courtesy of the Apex Legends & Final Fantasy™ VII Rebirth Event. The Buster Sword is Cloud Strife's signature weapon in Final Fantasy VII, and now it's available for the cast of characters in Apex Legends. This primer overviews the Buster Sword and everything you need to know to wield this Universal Mythic in the free-to-play battle royale from Respawn Entertainment.

How to get the Buster Sword R5 Heirloom

The Buster Sword Heirloom in-game on Apex Legends
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There are two variants of the Buster Sword in Apex Legends: the Buster Sword R5 and the Buster Sword R2R5.

The Buster Sword R5 is a Mythic Melee Cosmetic, or Heirloom, that offers no competitive advantage and is just for looks. For the first time in Apex Legends, the Buster Sword R5 is Universal, meaning you can use it on any Legend in place of their fists or existing Heirloom.

To get the Buster Sword R5 Heirloom, you must purchase Apex Legends & FINAL FANTASY™ VII REBIRTH Event Packs, each costing a steep 1,000 Apex Coins.

On the bright side, unlike regular Collection Events, there's a chance to get the Buster Sword R5 in every Event Pack! So, while the chances are extremely slim, you could theoretically unlock the Buster Sword R5 Heirloom after only a few Event Packs.

However, if luck isn't on your side, you'll need to open a whopping 36 Event Packs to get the Heirloom. You can do the math, but even if you include free Event Packs from the Reward Shop, you may need to spend upwards of $300 USD to obtain the Buster Sword R5.

Contrary to other Heirlooms, the Buster Sword R5 will not appear in the Mythic Shop after the event ends. So, you only have from January 9 to January 30, 2024, to acquire this highly-coveted Heirloom!

What about the Buster Sword R2R5?

The Buster Sword R2R5 in Apex Legends
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The other Buster Sword, the Buster Sword R2R5, is an actual weapon you can pick up and use in FINAL FANTASY™ VII Takeover. With the Buster Sword R2R5, you can inflict light and heavy attacks, block to reduce incoming damage, and dash to quickly close the gap on foes. As you use the Buster Sword R2R5, your meter will fill until you can activate the classic Limit Break.

Drop into FINAL FANTASY™ VII Takeover, and you can find this powerful melee weapon randomly around the map and inside Care Packages.

That's all you need to know about the Buster Sword in Apex Legends. With enough Apex Coins, you can unlock the pricey Buster Sword R5 Heirloom and use it on any of the game's Legends. But if you don't want to pay up, you can find the Buster Sword R2R5 in FINAL FANTASY™ VII Takeover and slice and dice your opponents for the duration of the Apex Legends & Final Fantasy™ VII Rebirth Event.

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