How to merge Apex Legends accounts with cross-progression

How to merge Apex Legends accounts with cross-progression
Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

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Alex Garton


26th Oct 2023 16:00

Apex Legends cross-progression allows players to merge their accounts between PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, or PC.

This means no matter which platform you’re using, all of your progression will work towards a single master account.

Now, that the heavily requested feature is finally here, how do you access cross-progression in Apex Legends?

Well, Respawn has made the process extremely simple, so let’s break down how to merge your Apex Legends account with cross-progression.

How to access Apex Legends cross-progression

In order to merge your Apex Legends accounts with cross-progression in Season 19, you'll simply need to boot up the game once the season has gone live and the process will be automatic.

Your profile with the highest account level will become your master account, allowing all of your progression to be linked, no matter which platform you choose. The system is effectively linking every profile under a single EA ID and it's worth noting, that cross-progression is mandatory.

As soon as you open up the game in Season 19, you'll be met with a screen that shows all of your accounts that will be linked and what's going to be carried over.

So, Respawn has made merging your accounts with Apex Legends cross-progression unbelievably easy, as the process is basically an instant switch as soon as Season 19 launches.

Will Apex Legends cross-progression merge cosmetics?

Yes, Apex Legends cross-progression will merge all of your cosmetics from every platform into a single master account. In terms of stats, those from your highest-level account will be used going forward.

A big concern for a lot of players has been that they will lose the badges they've earned. Well, there's no need to worry as they will be carried over as well, whether you earned them on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, or PC.

Now you know how to merge your Apex Legends accounts with cross-progression, why not check out everything we know about the new Legend, Conduit? For more guides, news and explainers on everything in the Outlands, check out our Apex Legends homepage.

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