V Rising Beatrice The Tailor: Location, How To Beat

V Rising Beatrice The Tailor: Location, How To Beat
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24th May 2022 17:04

V Rising Beatrice the Tailor is a kind old lady who lives in Dawnbreak Village, and you must murder her to death. V Rising has a long list of bosses for players to track down and defeat, then drink their blood to gain power. One such powerful monstrosity is Beatrice the Tailor, who players will want to defeat for her many rewards. Here is everything you need to know about V Rising Beatrice the Tailor including her location and how to beat her.

  • Defeating Beatrice The Tailor is a required step for processing Cotton, learn more on our V Rising Cotton Yarn guide.

V Rising Beatrice The Tailor: Location

V Rising Beatrice: Where to find her
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Beatrice the Tailor is one of the bosses who have a set location, however, she can still be tricky to find. Beatrice always appears in Dawnbreak Village, in the southeast of Dunley Farmlands. It is easy to get there early, but new players need to be wary. Beatrice is a level 38 enemy, so players will need to be close to if not beyond that level.

Head to the village and look around, she can be almost anywhere in the village. You are looking for a short, round old lady in pink. She stands out a mile from the other villagers, and also her name appears above her head. You might think this will be a quick and easy kill, but this fight is trickier than it might first appear.

  • You also need Beatrice's power if you want to talk to any of the V Rising Merchants in the game.

V Rising Beatrice The Tailor: How To Beat

V Rising Beatrice: How to defeat her
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When Beatrice becomes aware of you, she will start running for her life. Like many villagers, she runs in fear and alerts others to your presence. Effectively, Beatrice isn’t the boss fight. Killing her as quick as you can while dealing with an entire village’s worth of guards coming down on you at once is the real boss fight. Beatrice runs all around the village, bringing more and more guards into the fight, and will only stop once you deplete her hefty health bar.

The strategy for this fight is to chase after Beatrice, do damage to her when you can, and stop to clear out the swarming guards when it gets too much. Just be sure to keep an eye on Beatrice, she can easily run off the screen and you will have to find her all over again. Chip away at her as much as you can, until eventually, she drops. Clear out any ads, then drain her blood to get her powers.


  • While you are in the area, you should head over to the Haunted Iron Mine to pick up some V Rising iron ore.

V Rising Beatrice The Tailor: Rewards

V Rising Beatrice: Rewards for defeating her
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As with all bosses, there are rewards for defeating Beatrice. First, there is her V Blood power. Drinking her blood grants the Human Form power. This allows you to disguise yourself as a regular, delicate human, and infiltrate settlements. This power is extremely useful, both for stealth and to just travel around town without being attacked.

Also, you get the items Beatrice drops. This includes the Tailor’s Flooring, which when studied allows you to build a loom at your castle, for processing cotton. You can also create curtains for decorating your castle, which is arguably the most important part of all of this.

That is everything you need to do to find and defeat Beatrice the Tailor. When you’re done murdering a defenseless old lady, maybe check out her village for some V Rising Quartz.


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