V Rising Hoods: What They Do, How To Get Them

V Rising Hoods: What They Do, How To Get Them
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2nd Jun 2022 14:25

V Rising hoods are an armour slot that often goes unfilled. V Rising recognises that being a vampire means it is just as important to look good, as it is to be powerful. Hoods are arguably useless armour pieces, but also arguably the most important. Here is everything you need to know about V Rising hoods.

  • While you're deliberating on a nice new hat, you might want to pick out a V Rising cloak to go with it.

V Rising Hoods: What Do They Do

V Rising Hoods: What do they do
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In a word, nothing. Hoods provide no statistical benefit to your character whatsoever. For some, this might make hoods completely pointless and something to avoid. For others, this is great news. Having a purely cosmetic armour option frees you to wear whatever you want, rather than being forced to wear the armour that makes you strongest.

Seemingly as a result of this, there is a wide variety of cool and unusual hoods, helmets, and general headwear. Everything from copper helmets to bandit hoods, even straw hats to keep the pesky sun away.

V Rising Hoods: How To Get Them

V Rising Hoods: How to get them
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Being purely cosmetic items, hoods don’t come from regular sources. You cannot craft any headwear yourself, it can only be found. Depending on the particular, piece, there are several sources of hoods. For example, some helmets and other headgear can drop from enemies, such as the Militia Helmet from militia soldiers, or the Boneguard Mask from skeletons.

Some items can be purchased from a couple of V Rising merchants around the map. The vast majority of hoods are found in chests or by fishing. Fishing is a great source of seemingly random items, but if you are looking for a more deliberate method of farming them, you should check out our V Rising golden chests guide.

That is everything there is to know about V Rising hoods. For more useful tips, check out our V Rising weapon tier list.

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