How To Build And Upgrade The V Rising Castle Heart

How To Build And Upgrade The V Rising Castle Heart
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30th May 2022 14:54

The V Rising Castle Heart is one of the most important structures in the entire game, as it makes up the core of your base and allows you to build up your dream vampire castle around it. Placing the Castle Heart will be one of the first things you do during your time in V Rising, and from then on, much of the game centres around protecting and upgrading it so you can grow in power. So if you need to know how to build and upgrade the V Rising Castle Heart, along with how to move the Castle Heart to a new location, we've got you covered. 

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How To Build V Rising Castle Heart

How To Build The V Rising Castle Heart
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Before you can place down your Castle Heart and begin to build up the castle of your dreams, you will need to have reached level ten and begin the Lord of Shadows quest. This comes during the tutorial, so it's impossible to miss. 

Like any structures you can create in V Rising, you will need to press the B key to bring up the build menu and select the Castle Heart. It requires 240 Stone and 30 V Rising Blood Essence before you can build it, but both of these resources are plentiful in the starting areas. Once the Castle Heart is placed, you will be able to build the foundations around it and start constructing defences like walls, or functional structures like a workbench or lumber mill. 

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How To Upgrade V Rising Castle Heart

How To Upgrade The V Rising Castle Heart
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After placing the Castle Heart, that may seem like the end of things as you continue to build around it, but as you progress through V Rising, you will need to upgrade it further and stop it from decaying. Castle Heart decay is bad news, as it causes your defences to start crumbling, and opens up your castle for enemy players to invade and steal resources. 

You can stop decay from happening by feeding the Castle Heart more Blood Essence, which can be earned from feeding on creatures and humans. Another way to stop decay is by upgrading the Castle Heart, allowing you to extend your castle, build more structures, and increase the amount of Blood Essence that can be stored. This gives you the chance to spend more time away from your castle and is especially important for keeping your castle in top shape when you're offline. 


Upgrading the Castle Heart is different for every tier, but interacting with it will display what resources you need to improve it. The first upgrade for it requires 12 Copper Ingots and 12 V Rising Leather, making for an early goal that players should hit before venturing out too far. As you upgrade it further, eventually the Castle Heart will require Greater Blood Essence, but this gives you the chance to build the most powerful structures, and keeps your heart from decaying for even longer. 

How To Move V Rising Castle Heart

If you want to change the position of your Castle Heart in your current castle, then you can simply move it within your borders. Just press the B key to bring up the build menu, select the Castle Heart, and then move it around your base. 

If you want to completely relocate the Castle Heart after your base is constructed, then you'll have to do some demolition work first. This means  basically relocating your base as you will need to destroy all of your current structures with the build menu, including the Castle Heart, before rebuilding it somewhere else with the required materials. 

That's our breakdown for how to build and upgrade the V Rising Castle Heart, and now you know how to keep it from decaying and why you should improve it throughout the game. 

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