V Rising Cotton Yarn: How To Get Cotton Seeds, And Farm Cotton Yarn

V Rising Cotton Yarn: How To Get Cotton Seeds, And Farm Cotton Yarn
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30th May 2022 16:47

V Rising Cotton Yarn is a very useful resource that is used in crafting and construction, meaning you'll need a lot of it through the game. V Rising gives you a few methods of getting materials, but with growable resources like cotton, you can get Cotton Seeds to plant in your castle and get a farm going. So read on for our full breakdown of how to get V Rising Cotton Yarn and Cotton Seeds. 

V Rising Cotton Yarn: How To Get Cotton And Cotton Seeds

V Rising Cotton Yarn: How to get it
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Before making Cotton Yarn, you will need to stock up on some Cotton. To do this, you will need to head for the Dunley Farmlands region. There you will find Cotton farms, where you can harvest (or, you know, steal) Cotton for yourself.

Fill your pockets with as much Cotton as you can get. You will need at least Merciless Copper weapons or better in order to harvest the Cotton. Gather what you can, and keep it for when you have your own Loom.


Another method of getting Cotton is by destroying barrels and crates around Cotton Farms for Cotton Seeds. With these, you will be able to create your own farm in your castle garden to get a consistent supply. You can equip the Cotton Seeds to your crossbar and go to any garden tile to place them, and within a few in-game days they will grow and give you the resource.

V Rising Cotton Yarn: How To Make

V Rising Cotton Yarn: How to make it
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To turn Cotton into Cotton Yarn, it must be processed at a Loom. In order to get your own Loom, you will need to defeat Beatrice the Tailor. Beatrice is a level 38 boss who can be found in Dawnbreak Village. She will be surrounded by townsfolk and will run from the player, so track her down and kill her to receive the Loom.

Construct the Loom back at your castle, and you are ready to begin processing Cotton. To create Cotton Yarn, put 20 Cotton into the Loom and it will create a Cotton Yarn. Continue gathering Cotton and processing it in the Loom to make more Cotton Yarn, Cloth, and more.

That's all for our breakdown of how to get V Rising Cotton Yarn, and now you know how you can gain Cotton Seeds to plant. 

That is everything you need to do to start producing your own V Rising Cotton Yarn. For more tips on crafting, check out V Rising Iron Ore guide.


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