V Rising Raziel The Shepherd: Location, How To Beat

V Rising Raziel The Shepherd: Location, How To Beat
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V Rising Raziel the Shepherd, despite his namesake, is a human and a holy man who you must face. V Rising has a wide cast of boss characters, with many personalities and backstories. Raziel is a religious leader who wields great power, seemingly gifted for his faith. Here is what you need to know to find and defeat V Rising Raziel the Shepherd.

V Rising Raziel The Shepherd: Location

V Rising Raziel: Raziel's location
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Raziel is, thankfully, one of the bosses with a set location. He can always be found at the head of his congregation, in Dunley Monastery. Head to the Dunley Farmlands, the monastery is on the western side of the region, near the centre. You can enter the monastery from the south. From there, head north along the path to reach the giant cathedral. Head inside the cathedral to find Raziel at the altar.

There is something to be mindful of before you go off to fight Raziel. As this is a holy site, being here does constant holy damage to you. Also, Raziel himself does holy damage with his attacks. You should craft some holy resistance potions before the fight, that way you can mitigate a decent amount of the damage he does. Raziel is a level 60 boss fight, so you know he is no joke. Be sure you are prepared before you go, get yourself as close to level 60 as you can, and down some of those potions.

V Rising Raziel The Shepherd: How To Beat

V Rising Raziel: Fighting Raziel
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Approach Raziel to begin the fight. He has a wide variety of attacks, so be sure to familiarise yourself with each of them. His most basic attack is firing a ball of holy damage in a straight line, be sure to avoid those. Another regular attack of his is an area of effect attack, if a circle appears on the ground, be sure to get out of it before the attack triggers. The circle can appear in different sizes, so don’t assume it will be the same every time.

He has some more impactful attacks as well. For example, he will regularly summon Tethers near to you. A short while after they appear, the Tethers send out a pulse that, if it hits you, locks you in place for a short time. You absolutely do not want to get caught by one of them, as it gives Raziel an easy opportunity to hit you. While they are active, the Tethers shield Raziel, so be sure to destroy them as quickly as you can.


Like all priests, Raziel can fire massive lasers from multiple locations. He can fire a massive beam from himself, following the player around the room. Stay on the move, you shouldn’t have much trouble avoiding it. Likewise with his other massive laser attack, which comes down from the sky like a Hammer of Dawn. Again, keep moving to keep ahead of it.

It is a fairly simple matter of avoiding these attacks, destroying the Tethers, and then moving in close to attack Raziel when the opportunity arises. Focus on staying out of his attacks and you should have no issue finishing Raziel the Shepherd off.

  • Once you can craft Silver Resistance Potions, you can start trading with the V Rising merchants.

V Rising Raziel The Shepherd: Rewards

V Rising Raziel: Raziel is defeated
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You get a couple of useful rewards for beating Raziel the Shepherd. Fittingly, you get your own laser-like attack called Crimson Beam. You also get the recipes for Silver Resistance Potions and the Corrupted Artefact. Silver Resistance Potions are necessary for handling silver, you will need them to go mining silver or to buy things with silver coins. The Corrupted Artefact can be equipped to increase the effectiveness of your spells.

You also get a new structure to build in your Castle, called the Atheneum. This device allows you to further your research and discover even more powerful items.

That is everything you need to know to find and beat Raziel the Shepherd. For more useful info on the game, check out our V Rising Octavian the Militia Captain guide.


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