V Rising Merchants: Locations, How To Trade, What Do They Sell

V Rising Merchants: Locations, How To Trade, What Do They Sell
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8th Jun 2022 14:05

V Rising Merchants are available to interact with, despite your less-than-alive condition. V Rising gives players a wide variety of ways to gain resources and improve themselves. One way, albeit a difficult and confusing way, is to buy items from traders. There are many steps in order to do so, here is everything you need to know about V Rising Merchants.

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V Rising Merchants: Locations & How To Trade

V Rising Merchants: Merchant locations
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Currently, there are two known merchants in V Rising. Berk the Travelling Trader can be found in Dunley Farmlands, often walking the roads near Dawnbreak Village. The other Merchant is over in the west, Ottar the Merchant in Brighthaven Slums. They both sell some items, some of questionable use, for Silver Coins.

This immediately raises two issues. First, you are a vampire and the traders are more likely to attack you than barter with you. Second, you are a vampire, and handling Silver Coins is a bit of an issue for you.

Let’s tackle that first issue, the fact that merchants don’t deal with vampires. The solution is simple, don’t look like a vampire. By defeating Beatrice the Tailor in Dawnbreak Village and gaining the ability to disguise yourself in human form. While in human form, you can approach and speak to the Merchants. However, you still need something to pay them with.

Silver Coins can be acquired throughout the game, they can be looted from chests and sometimes enemies. Picking up Silver Coins, you will notice a silvery effect around your screen, and on your character. You will also notice your health starting to deplete, as carrying silver does damage to your character.

The main issue here is, that taking damage will remove your human form, so you need to be in human form while mitigating the damage of the Silver Coins. To do this, you need to consume Silver Resistance Potions to negate the damage.

With your vampire in human form, pockets full of silver, and enough resistance to prevent any damage, you can finally approach the Merchants and do business with them.


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V Rising Merchants: What Do They Sell

V Rising Merchants: Merchant stock
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The unfortunate answer is, not a whole lot. Between the two merchants, you can buy some animal-head helmets, some resources, a few potions, and a bunch of gems that are maybe the most appealing reason to bother doing all of this.

Overall, the whole process of dealing with these traders seems less about functionality and more about the fun of going to all these lengths to disguise yourself. V Rising is still in early access, so it is likely these traders will see their inventories expand over time.

That is everything we know so far about V Rising Merchants, hopefully there will be more to talk about in the near future. For more useful info, check out our V Rising Unsullied Hearts guide.


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