V Rising Quartz: How To Get It And What It Is Used For

V Rising Quartz: How To Get It And What It Is Used For
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24th May 2022 10:39

V Rising Quartz is an important material for the later parts of the game. V Rising has a plethora of items for players to gather and craft into new, important items. Quartz is a fairly rare resource that is needed for some late-game upgrades. Here is everything you need to know about V Rising Quartz, how to get it and what it can be used for.

  • There are plenty of items you need to stock up on in this game, such as V Rising Iron Ore.

V Rising Quartz: How To Get It

V Rising Quartz: how to get it
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Quartz is one of the harder natural resources to find out in the wild. While many of these materials are best gathered passively, there are so few sources of Quartz that it would be well worth your while to put some focus on it. For example, there are some guaranteed spawns of quartz around Dawnbreak Village, in Dunley Farmlands.

There is a building in the northwest of the village where several Quartz crystals regularly appear. Head there, deal with the guards, mine the Quartz, and repeat a few in-game days later. This is a decent, consistent way to farm the material without having to make too much progress in the game.


  • Regardless of what you do, you need Blood Essence. For more on this precious lifeblood, literally, check out our V Rising Blood Essence guide.

V Rising Quartz: What It Is Used For

V Rising Quartz: What it is used for
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There’s not much point in gathering lots of Quartz unless you have a good reason to. Quartz can be refined into Glass, which has plenty of uses. Glass has further crafting uses, such as creating Scourgestones which can be used to make powerful items.

Quartz by itself is not very useful, but the many things that it can be turned into are crucial for later upgrades. This makes Quartz a resource that players will want plenty of, so be sure to grab any you see.

That is everything you need to know about V Rising Quartz. For more tips, check out our V Rising Leather guide.


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