Best V Rising Mods: How To Install And Play With Mods

Best V Rising Mods: How To Install And Play With Mods
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3rd Jun 2022 10:25

V Rising mods are already available, despite the short time the game has been out there. V Rising has certainly caught on, going from a relative unknown to selling well over a million copies in a short space of time. A popular PC game like that is bound to become the focus of some creative modders, and the results are already starting to show. Here are some of the best V Rising mods already available, and how you can play with them too.

  • The different kinds of weapons in V Rising can be a bit vague in their use, but we can help with our V Rising weapon tier list.

V Rising: How To Install Mods

Best V Rising Mods: How to install mods
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If modding games aren’t really your thing, fear not, because installing mods for V Rising couldn’t be simpler. The game is compatible with a program called Thunderstore. If you are a fan of Risk of Rain 2, you will likely be familiar with this program. Thunderstore is a mod manager that makes modding games more accessible and easy. The first thing to do is go and download the Thunderstore application.

Run it once and it is ready to go, and you will be met with the Game Selection screen. Scroll down to the game you want, in this case, V Rising, and click on it. Press the select button, then on the Profile Selection screen, there should be a default profile ready to go, so just click the Select Profile button.

Now you are in your profile for your selected game, V Rising. On the left there will be some options, under Mods you will see Installed and Online. Click Online to bring up the list of mods available.

The first mod you need to download is BepInExPack_V_Rising, as this is what makes most of the mods work. Simply select it from the list and click download. You can now go through the list of mods and download any more mods you like the look of. As you download them, you will see the mods populate the Installed list.

All installed mods will be found here, and can be enabled or disabled at will. After downloading mods, they are automatically enabled, so be sure to go to this menu and disable any you don’t want to use. When you have the mods you want, click Start Modded in the top left corner. This will run the game from your Steam library, while automatically applying all the mods you downloaded.

Bear in mind, you cannot play online on official servers with mods enabled. Mods can only be used in Private Games and with the LAN option enabled. The developers are well aware of the mods for their game, and while they seem perfectly fine with them, they also have a duty to keep the game fair for all players online. Do what you want in the privacy of your own server, but don’t take that stuff into public spaces.


Best V Rising Mods

Best V Rising Mods: Best mods so far
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Let’s get to the fun stuff. Of course, being so early in its life, V Rising doesn’t have the greatest amount of mods to its name. Still, we have some fun new toys to play with here. The ModernCamera mod by vrising (probably not official, but who are we to say) brings some new dimension to the game. This removes a lot of the limitations placed on how much you can zoom and move the camera around. The regular game locks you into an overhead view, you can only zoom and pan the camera up or down so much before it stops you.

With this mod, you can zoom right down to a more conventional third-person action game style of view, with the camera right behind your character. You still have to play the game with the controls as they were, which isn’t too awkward, but it is easy to swap back and forth and worth it to see Vardoran from a more grounded perspective.

Another mod that pairs nicely with the previous one is HideInterface by ACP. This has the F11 button toggle the in-game UI on and off, letting you get that clean look whenever you want, at the press of a button. As someone who writes guides and has to take a lot of screenshots, this is my favourite mod in the history of mods. If you prefer to play without the HUD or more likely, enjoy swapping back and forth manually, this mod is really useful. 

These next few mods aren’t what we would call “fun”, so much as, “useful little additions the developers should probably just patch into the game”. Lots of games have mods like this, just small quality of life improvements that make your experience a bit better. These mods are often the kind of mods players turn on and never turn off again.

A perfect example of this is PopupTotals by Nightbreak. With this mod active, you see your total carried amount of a resource when you pick up more. Say you have 100 lumber in your inventory, you pick up five lumber from the ground, and when you do you get a little indication that you now have 105 lumber. Nothing game-changing, but certainly very handy.

Then you have CursorLock by ACP, which prevents your mouse cursor from leaving the window while the game is playing. If you are trying to focus on the game but you keep accidentally clicking outside of it on another screen, this mod prevents that from happening. Also useful is QuickStash by Elmegaard, which allows you to use the Compulsively Count ability on all nearby stashes at once. Just a useful addition to help organise your stuff.

That was a quick run-through of some of the best V Rising mods currently available. For more tips, such as how to break the game even further, check out our V Rising console commands guide.

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