V Rising Christina The Sun Priestess: Location, How To Beat

V Rising Christina The Sun Priestess: Location, How To Beat
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6th Jun 2022 16:27

V Rising Christina the Sun Priestess is just one of many bosses wandering Vardoran that players will need to take on. V Rising bosses each have a bit of the essence of Dracula in their blood, drinking their blood grants a fraction of his power. Christina is one such individual, who uses her power along with her faith to fight against vampires and other monsters of the dark. Here is everything you need to know to find and defeat V Rising Christina the Sun Priestess.

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V Rising Christina The Sun Priestess Location

V Rising Christina: Where to find her
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Christina is a roaming boss, she does not stay in one location. To find her, you need to start by heading to the Dunley Farmlands. Christina wanders the roads of this region, so you’ll need to wander the roads to find her. She seems to typically be found towards the south of the region, we have mostly spotted her just north of the Haunted Iron Mine.

The boss is level 42, so you need to come prepared. A full set of V Rising Merciless Hollowfang armour would go a long way towards that, as well as some iron weapons. If you cannot craft iron weapons, you’ll need to take out V Rising Quincey the Bandit King first. Once you are appropriately levelled up, head for the roads of Dunley Farmlands and seek her out.

How To Beat V Rising Christina The Sun Priestess

V Rising Christina: Fighting the boss
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Christina travels with a retinue, so you might want to take out the guards and then back off before you fight her. That way, you can heal up and fight her one on one at full strength. As she moves about the region, you can follow her until she is in a more advantageous place for you to fight her. For example, wait until she is surrounded by trees and other things that can be used as cover.

Christina is a magician character, she fights you almost exclusively with magical attacks. That said, if you get close she will bust out her sword and smack you away. For the most part, you need to be concerned with her holy magic attacks. If you have any holy resistance potions or armour, now is the time to use them. Her attacks are powerful but they come with a long wind-up, so you will always see them coming. Keep moving and you should have no issue avoiding them.


She has two main attacks, an area of effect and a scattering shot. The area of effect has a massive and obvious animation, Christina puts a glowing circle on the ground. If you are in it, it will slow you down. Get out of it as quickly as you can because it will do a huge chunk of damage to you after a short while. The scatter shot attack is where Christina slams her staff into the ground and fires holy missiles in all directions. This is why you want to fight her somewhere with lots of cover, because with plenty of cover, this attack becomes mostly ineffective.

Christina’s strongest quality is her healing. If you leave her alone for too long, she will heal herself. She will also heal nearby allies, which is why you want to get rid of the ads. Other enemies passing by can and will get involved, and she will summon more enemies which she will also keep healthy.

So long as you keep yourself out of her attacks, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with Christina the Sun Priestess. The fight can take a little longer due to her healing, so be sure to manage to keep away from her by stopping her from healing too much.

That is everything you need to know to take on V Rising Christina the Sun Priestess. For more info, check out our V Rising Golden Chests farming guide.

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