V Rising Best Base Locations: Best Places To Build Your Castle

V Rising Best Base Locations: Best Places To Build Your Castle
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9th Jun 2022 09:50

V Rising best base locations are totally free to choose from, you can build your Castle almost anywhere you want. V Rising puts a lot of emphasis on base building, as you will need to create and maintain your Castle in order to properly progress through the game. There are so many options for where you can put down your roots. Here are our choices for the V Rising best base locations.

  • Gathering resources is important, to learn more check out our V Rising Iron Ore guide.

V Rising Best Base Locations: Farbane Woods

V Rising Base Locations: Farbane Woods
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Our first choice for the V Rising best base locations is Farbane Woods, and as the largest area, you are going to be spending a good deal of time in here. As such, it only makes sense to build your first Castle here. This is where you will go through a lot of the tutorial quest lines, where the game teaches you how to play. You will be required to start building your home here, so you might as well pick a good spot.

The area marked in the image above is a great spot to start out in. It is an elevated area and one of the biggest in Farbane Woods. Being central is useful because early on, you will have to do a lot of travelling on foot. It only makes sense to build your Castle somewhere equidistant to most places you will be going.

This spot is ideal, as it is right between the Bandit Logging Camp and the Bandit Copper Mine. There are Bandit Camps and Wolf Dens all around it, giving you a handy loop to go around and gather resources. As the game goes on you will be inclined to move your Castle, but this is as good a spot to start in as any.

V Rising Best Base Locations: Dunley Farmlands

V Rising Base Locations: Dunley Farmlands
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If you are moving on from Farbane Woods and want to build a new home for yourself further north, we have the perfect plot of land for you in Dunley Farmlands. Now, to explain, we are looking for the most functional spot. At this point of the game, you may need to dip back to Farbane Woods, you might even need to run over to Silverlight Hills. More than anything, we are thinking about putting up sticks somewhere where the most resources are accessible to us, without cutting ourselves off from the world.

That is why we have gone for this nice big plot of land to the southwest of the Haunted Iron Mine. There is plenty of space to build here, and what’s more, you only have to defend it on two sides. First and foremost, proximity to the iron mine is incredibly useful. There are also camps and farms nearby, so you won’t be lacking in places to loot. The Horse Track is also close by, so if you need to get somewhere fast you can go and grab a mount.

Another thing to consider, while this spot is in Dunley Farmlands, it is very close to Farbane Forest and not far from Silverlight Hills. It is also right beside a Vampire Waygate, giving you an incredibly quick way to travel around the map. This spot is pretty central on the whole map, if you are going to live out of one Castle then this would be the place to do it.


V Rising Best Base Locations: Silverlight Hills

V Rising Base Locations: Silverlight Hills
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Maybe you fancy moving to a bougie part of the world, live the high life in Silverlight Hills. It makes sense, a vampire moving up in the world needs to stay with the times. There isn’t much free real estate in this region, but there is one decent stretch of land you can make your home.

North of Brighthaven and west of the Sacred Silver Mine is a nice open hill to build your Castle on. You have ample access to local amenities, with the entire town of Brighthaven at your fingertips. Naturally, a source of Silver is going to be very useful for upgrading your gear and crafting new weapons and armour.

For the most part, Silverlight Hills is quite crowded and lacking in resources. It is really up to you if you want to live here, but this isn’t a move you need to make.

  • Regardless of where you hang your hat, you will need to know how to build and upgrade the V Rising Castle Heart.

V Rising Best Base Locations: Cursed Forest

V Rising Base Locations: Cursed Forest
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Speaking of unnecessary moves, the Cursed Forest is maybe the least appealing place to live in all of Vardoran. That said, you are a spooky vampire, and where else would you build your Castle except in a place called the Cursed Forest?

The Cursed Forest is a dangerous place, but you are a dangerous vampire, so it all makes sense. The most reasonable spot we found for your Castle is this spot right up at the most northern point of the map. You will have to deal with the massive monster that lives underground here, but who doesn’t love a colourful neighbour? Like Kramer, but somehow less problematic.

Building your home in the Cursed Forest isn’t a great idea, but you will absolutely have our respect if you do it.

Those are our choices for the V Rising best base locations. For more on the game, check out our V Rising boss locations guide.


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