V Rising Vincent The Frostbringer: Location, How To Beat

V Rising Vincent The Frostbringer: Location, How To Beat
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1st Jun 2022 13:43

V Rising Vincent the Frostbringer is a roaming boss that has been the bane of many players out exploring the world. V Rising has a long list of bosses for players to chase down. Most of them have set locations out in the world, but some bosses move around the map. Here is what you need to know to track down and defeat V Rising Vincent the Frostbringer.

  • It is a good idea to prepare well for fights like this, and knowing your V Rising blood types is a good way to do that.

V Rising Vincent The Frostbringer: Location

V Rising Vincent the Frostbringer: Finding Vincent in the wild
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As mentioned, Vincent is a roaming boss and does not have a set location. For bosses like him, we are going to need to rely on the Blood Altar. Activate your Blood Altar and find Vincent on the list of bosses. He is a level 40 boss, so you need to be at least close to that in order to face him. Provided you are strong enough, you should be able to track him from the Blood Altar and get an indication of where he is.

What we do know about Vincent the Frostbringer is that he travels along the roads of Dunley Farmlands. Head to that region, and use the Blood Altar tracking to narrow down his location. Once you find Vincent, try not to engage him immediately. If possible, allow him to walk to a location that suits you better. Ideally, you want to fight Vincent in an area with plenty of trees or rocks, basically anything that can be used as cover.


V Rising Vincent The Frostbringer: How To Beat

V Rising Vincent the Frostbringer: Vincent's ranged attacks
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As said, it is best to face off against Vincent in an advantageous spot. When you get him somewhere suitable, the first thing you should do is take out his guards. Vincent travels with a retinue, so be sure to get rid of them. Something you can do is defeat the extra enemies and then break away from the fight. That way you can recover any lost health, and when you return to fight Vincent he will be alone.

Vincent fights with a Mace and a Shield, he will repeatedly charge at you but the main thing to be concerned with are his multiple ranged attacks. This is why you want to fight him in an area with lots of cover, you can use them to block his attacks. Keep your distance from Vincent and you should have no problem avoiding his attacks.

Ranged attacks are a great strategy for Vincent, if you can pepper him with spells from a distance you should easily wear him down. When he comes in close, dash behind him to get some hits in. Vincent has some fast attacks that come out of nowhere, so don’t stay close to him for too long.

He is liable to hit you with his dash attacks or his ground smash, so retreat to a safe distance as soon as you can. Stick and move, get your hits in when you can, and you shouldn’t have an issue finishing off Vincent the Frostbringer.

That is everything you need to know to find and defeat V Rising Vincent the Frostbringer. For more on the game, check out our best V Rising abilities guide.


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