V Rising Nicholaus The Fallen Location And How To Beat Him

V Rising Nicholaus The Fallen Location And How To Beat Him
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2nd Jun 2022 12:40

V Rising Nicholaus The Fallen is one of the toughest fights in the game, indicated by the fact that he killed more players in the first week than any other boss. V Rising has many different kinds of bosses, and necromancers like Nicholaus are maybe the trickiest to beat. Nicholaus has plenty of friends, and those friends like to get in the way. For tips on how to get around his annoying friends and take down Nicholaus, this is how to beat V Rising Nicholaus the Fallen.

V Rising Nicholaus The Fallen Location

V Rising Nicholaus the Fallen: where he is
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Nicholaus the Fallen was kicked out of Silverlight Hills and now resides in the Forgotten Cemetery in Farbane Woods. Naturally, the necromancer likes to live in a graveyard. Thankfully, his graveyard isn’t too out of the way. The Forgotten Cemetery is right in the middle of the Farbane Woods region.

If you aren’t sure where it is, check your map. Mouse over the yellow points of interest, you should find it fairly easily as it is one of the largest areas in the middle of the woods. Also, be sure to track Nicholaus from the Blood Altar to be certain you are headed the right way.

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How To Beat V Rising Nicholaus The Fallen

V Rising Nicholaus the Fallen: How to defeat him
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The main problem with Nicholaus, is that he has an awful lot of friends. Nicholaus himself will cast some powerful spells, and you need to avoid them too. First and foremost, you need to be appropriately levelled. Nicholaus is a level 37 boss, so be sure to be at least close to that level. That level puts Nicholaus on par with V Rising Quincey the Bandit King, making him one of the last bosses you should face in the Farbane Woods region. You should kit yourself out in as much V Rising Merciless Nightstalker armour as you can get, and definitely some Merciless Copper weapons.

When you approach Nicholaus, he will be in the middle of some kind of freaky spell. Once you start the encounter, Nicholaus will begin firing spells at you and sending his skeletons after you. A lot of Nicholaus’ spells either explode or cover a wide area, so his whole game plan is about locking you down and cornering you. While this area may seem cramped, if you break a few objects you will have ample room to move around. Do so, and keep moving.


As mentioned, the biggest issue is the ads. There will only be a handful of skeletons attacking you at first, but that number will quickly balloon out of control. Before too long there will be upwards of a dozen skeletons chasing you around the arena. Your best bet is to kite the group of skeletons, keep moving around the area in large circles, and stay ahead of them at all costs. As you cycle around, you will be able to attack Nicholaus when you get close to him. Chip away at his health bar while keeping yourself away from danger.

In summary, keep moving. Nicholaus will fire a bunch of spells at you, so stay away of them. He will send a small army of skeletons after you, stay ahead of them. Keep moving, and get your hits in when you can. Don’t be greedy, be patient, and you should have no issue taking down Nicholaus the Fallen.

That is everything you need to know to take on V Rising Nicholaus the Fallen. For more tips, such as some great places to hang your hat, check out our V Rising base locations guide.


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