How to find & beat Matka the Curse Weaver in V Rising

How to find & beat Matka the Curse Weaver in V Rising
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7th Jun 2022 10:25

V Rising Matka the Curse Weaver is a creepy witch who lives in a swamp, but do not underestimate her. V Rising tasks players with tracking down the holders of V Blood, beings who have traces of Dracula’s power. Matka is a particularly strong holder of V Blood, so be sure to be prepared when you face her. Here is everything you need to know about V Rising Matka the Curse Weaver.

Where can you find Matka the Curse Weaver?

V Rising Matka: Where to find her
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For this boss fight, we are headed to the Cursed Forest. Specifically, the western part of the region, where the swamp is. If you follow the main road north through the Cursed Forest, you will find an area on the western side of the road called the Nest of the Curse Weaver. She resides in a small clearing that is fairly open, aside from a couple of trees.

At level 72, Matka is one of the toughest bosses in the game. She is extremely strong and has plenty of tricks up her sleeve. Be certain you are prepared, you will need equipment that will make you at least close to her level. You will also need your wits about you to deal with her attacks.

How to beat Matka the Curse Weaver

V Rising Matka: How to beat her
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Matka is a witch, so spells are basically her whole deal. Worse still, she is a witch who lives in a swamp, so all of her spells are dank and gross. Most of the fight will be spent running around dodging her various acid attacks. These come in a range of forms; you have your basic straight-line attack, firing several out in a wave formation, area of effect attacks that form circles on the ground that you need to avoid, and a burst of acid attacks in all directions that ricochet off of walls and generally fill up the arena with projectiles to avoid.

On top of this, Matka will continuously summon giant mosquitoes. Some of these will attack you like regular enemies, some are dive-bombers who will track you incessantly before blowing up and doing a chunk of damage.

If all of this isn’t enough, Matka will periodically transform you into a pig. This doesn’t appear to be avoidable in any way, she simply decides you are going to be a pig and that is all there is to it. As a pig, all you can hope to do is avoid her attacks. Move around as much as you can and hopefully, you will survive the thankfully brief amount of time you will spend as pork.

With all of that said it should seem fairly obvious that what you need to do here is move and move a lot. There are so many things to juggle all of the time in this fight, there is always something you need to dodge. Range is your best friend here, the crossbow is good but spells are your best friend. By this point, you should have plenty of good long-range spells to hit Matka with, so make use of them while staying away from her attacks. Keep moving and, slowly but surely, you will be able to take Matka the Curse Weaver down for good.

That is everything there is to know about Matka the Curse Weaver. For more useful tips, check out our V Rising base locations guide where you could even become Matka’s neighbour.

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