How to find & beat the Duke of Balaton in V Rising

How to find & beat the Duke of Balaton in V Rising
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6th Jun 2022 17:18

V Rising Duke of Balaton is one of the final and toughest bosses in the game. V Rising challenges players to build themselves up from lowly nightwalker to Vampire Lord. To fight the Duke you will need to be seriously kitted out. Here is everything you need to know to take on the V Rising Duke of Balaton.

Where is the Duke of Batalon?

The Duke of Balaton is located in the Curest Forest, the region in the far northeast of the map, in the most northern part. That whole area is filled with aggressive and dangerous enemies. On your way to the boss, you are likely to pick up a couple of stragglers. It is highly recommended that you defeat any enemies following you before you engage the boss, in case they get involved and make the fight even harder.

The Duke of Balaton is a level 62 boss, which is in the upper echelon of bosses you will experience in the game. You are going to need to have powerful weapons and armor to take him on, so be sure to be at least close to that level before attempting this fight.

How to beat the Duke of Balaton?

V Rising Duke of Balaton: How to beat him
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The Duke of Balaton resides in a small but fairly open clearing. There isn’t much cover, so you will have to fight him in the open. Your best bet is to keep some distance, magic attacks are great here. You could even use a crossbow to pepper him with damage. The reason you want to keep your distance is that the Duke is large and very imposing, up close he can do a lot of damage and lock you down. Also, he likes to eat you and spit you back out, which is unpleasant, to say the least.

Even from a distance, you need to be on your toes. The Duke will spit acid into the air, which will rain down in areas of effect. Avoid those, while also trying to keep your distance and avoid the Duke’s tongue attacks. If all this isn’t enough, he will also summon smaller frogs who will close in and attack you. These frogs will also spit acid at you, so be mindful of the constant pressure the enemies will be putting on you.

The Duke will not simply stay away, however. He will move in closer, usually by leaping into the air. If you see him taking off, move quickly to avoid him slamming into you. If he cannot go to you, he will attempt to bring you to him. His tongue attacks mostly just do damage, but he can also grapple you can bring you in close. This, along with his swallow and spit you out move, gives the Duke a lot of control over your movements. He can easily put you in a corner and keep you there, so be sure to have your dashes ready to get yourself out of any sticky situations.

Keep your distance, pepper the Duke with ranged attacks, stay alive, and stay away. Keep this up and you should have no problems finishing off the Duke of Balaton.

That is everything you need to know to face the V Rising Duke of Balaton. For more on the game, such as how to barter with those deadly silver coins, check out our V Rising merchants guide.

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