V Rising Golden Chests: How To Farm Gold Chests

V Rising Golden Chests: How To Farm Gold Chests
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Dave McAdam


2nd Jun 2022 14:19

V Rising Golden Chests are rare treasure chests that appear randomly in the game. V Rising tasks players with gathering a lot of materials and gear, from a wide variety of sources. Something to always be on the lookout for is a treasure chest, most points of interest can spawn a couple of them. However, here we are more interested in the golden variety, and how to farm V Rising Golden Chests.

V Rising Golden Chests: Where To Find Them

V Rising Golden Chests: Where to find them
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A lot of elements of V Rising are randomized, and finding treasure chests is just one of those elements. As stated, you can expect to find chests in points of interest, but they won’t be there every time and they certainly will not contain the same materials. If you inspect a point of interest on your map, you will see the items that can be looted from regular chests in that area. However, occasionally there will be a Golden Chest instead, which can have much more valuable items.

These chests generally contain rare crafting materials, but they seem to be able to provide almost anything. Of note, many players have found V Rising cloaks and even V Rising hoods in these chests. Regardless, these Golden Chests are always a valuable thing to come across and you should go out of your way to loot them.

  • While you are passing through, you might as well snag yourself some V Rising iron ore.

V Rising Golden Chests: How To Farm Them

V Rising Golden Chests: chest locations
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Farming random chests will never be an exact science, but there are always things we can do to increase our odds and maximise efficiency. One example of how to do this is to pay a visit (or several visits) to the Haunted Iron Mine in Dunley Farmlands. There is a multitude of locations here where Golden Chests can appear.

Head into the mine, and make your way around to each of the locations marked on the map above. These are the places where chests can spawn, and hopefully one of them will be a Golden Chest. When you have cleared the place out, leave and come back another time. Chests and other resources regularly refresh, so wait until that happens to try again. Unfortunately, there is no way to speed up this process, so maybe just add a spin around the Haunted Iron Mine to your schedule and pop in once in a while.

That is everything we know so far about V Rising Golden Chests. For more handy tips, V Rising base locations guide, where we have the best spots to build your home and take advantage of that iron mine.

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