V Rising Patch Notes 0.5.42553 - Bug Fixes, New Features

V Rising Patch Notes 0.5.42553 - Bug Fixes, New Features
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Dave McAdam


6th Jul 2022 15:00

A V Rising patch has just arrived, bringing changes big and small. V Rising shot to popularity when it launched several weeks ago, likely far beyond what developer Stunlock Studios was expecting. This popularity means a lot of people playing, requesting new features and changes all the time. Here is everything to know about the latest update from the V Rising patch notes.

V Rising Patch Notes: Server Wipes

V Rising: The player drains the blood of a boss character
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The big new addition to the game in this patch is server wipes. This feature has been requested by many in the community, and is standard in many other similar games. Server wipes are when a game server is reset, everything built is removed and all player characters are brought back to the beginning. This may seem detrimental, but it can be necessary for the overall health of the game.

If the prospect of your progress being reset sounds unappealing, fear not. This is not a feature that must be used. Players are welcome to create their own servers with their own settings, or play private games. In these modes, server wipes are optional. While playing on a public server, you will be able to check if that server has regular wipes and how many days there are until the next wipe.

V Rising Patch Notes: Other Changes

V Rising: The player chases Beatrice the Tailor through Dawnbreak Village
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Beyond server wipes, there isn’t a huge amount to talk about in this patch. The rest of the changes are mostly fixes for bugs or small quality improvements. A lot of the changes were simple rewordings of options and descriptions.

The main things to note are the bugs that have been fixed. Some players were encountering issues due to clouds becoming blurry and causing the game to lag. This problem has been fixed, along with an issue where players were not able to use their DLC items in LAN mode.

There is a new server option that allows you to lower the framerate in an empty server, to reduce server load. Speaking of servers, searching for servers now prioritizes servers with players in them, which should reduce search times.


V Rising Patch Notes: Full Notes List

V Rising: The player enters the arena of a boss during the day
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Below are the full details of this new patch for you to check out.


- New servers can now be hosted with repeated scheduled wipes.

- Servers with Scheduled Wipes will show a unique icon in the server list.

- Added a filter to show only servers with Scheduled Wipes.

- Server with Scheduled Wipes will display the number of days remaining until the next planned wipe.

- Once the date for the wipe arrives, the next Server Restart will trigger a wipe.

- Instructions on how to use this feature will be included in their Dedicated Server documentation and on G-Portal’s website.

- They will open new Official servers with this feature in the near future.

Please note that Scheduled Wipes are an optional feature and will only be possible in new servers created after today’s patch.


Added new ServerHostSettings for lowering FPS on servers when they are empty:

- LowerFPSWhenEmpty

- LowerFPSWhenEmptyValue

- The default is true and with a value of 1.

- Official PvP Presets now uses 1.25 BloodDrainModifier instead of 1.0


- Fixed a bug where clouds would get blurrier and start to lag over time.

- DLCs now work in LAN Mode.

- Fixed a rare server crash involving Directional Shields and Counters.

- Fixed an issue where crashing servers would leave a growing amount of temporary data in the save folders. Such temporary data will be cleaned up with this patch.


- The initial Server List request will now prioritise servers with players, to increase the speed at which servers are fetched.

- Replaced "Activity" with "Territory" in the server list view.

- Localisation has been added for Spanish - Latin America, Danish, Thai, and Ukrainian.

- Replaced "Days Played" with "Days Running" in the Server Details.

- "Days Played" previously displayed the number of in-game days since server start, "Days Running" will now instead display the number of real-time days since server start.

Those are all of the details on the V Rising patch notes for the new patch that is available now. For more on the game, check out our best V Rising mods guide.

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