V Rising Iron Ore: How To Get And Smelt Iron Ore

V Rising Iron Ore: How To Get And Smelt Iron Ore
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19th May 2022 17:18

V Rising Iron Ore is something players are going to want to get plenty of whenever they can. V Rising has a multitude of items to gather and craft. Iron, as you can probably imagine, is a valuable resource. Let us tell you why it is so important, and how you can get yourself plenty of V Rising iron ore.

  • Iron isn't much good if you don't have something to strap it with. Check out our V Rising Leather guide.

V Rising Iron Ore: How To Get

V Rising Iron Ore: how to get it
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Iron Ore is a resource that you can quite literally, mine for. However, it does not appear randomly across the map. To get Iron Ore, you need to go to Iron mines. To do this, you need to head to the Haunted Iron Mine. This mine is located in the south of the Dunley Farmlands. The region you start in is Farbane Woods, in the south of the map, so make your way north to reach the Dunley Farmlands.

Bear in mind, enemies here are much tougher than in Farbane Woods, it is recommended you be at least level 35 before venturing this far. If you aren’t there yet, your best bet is to continue progressing through the game until you naturally wind up reaching this area. The Haunted Iron Mine is south of the centre of the region. If you look at the yellow markings for places of interest, it is the very large area closest to Farbane Woods.

In the mine, you will find rocks you can break. Like with Copper Ore or any other material found in rocks, you can break the rocks to mine the resources. There will be plenty of Iron Ore rocks in the mine, along with quite a few enemies, so get in there and fill your pockets with as much as you can carry.


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V Rising Iron Ore: How To Use

V Rising Iron Ore: what to do with it
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Iron Ore by itself is not of much use, you need to process it and make Iron Ingots. To do so, you will need a smelter in your castle. Huck your ore into the smelter and turn them into bars, then you can bring the Iron to your Smithy to craft armour and weapons.

Simple as that really, the hard part is getting the Iron you need. Mostly, if you are looking to upgrade your gear and this all seems a bit far ahead, just continue following the main objectives and you will get there. You’ll be decked out in powerful armour and weapons in no time.

That is everything you need to get yourself plenty of V Rising Iron Ore. For more useful info, check out our V Rising Blood Essence guide.


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