Destiny 2 Monte Carlo catalyst: How to get & what it does

Destiny 2 Monte Carlo catalyst: How to get & what it does
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25th Aug 2023 10:29

The Monte Carlo catalyst has finally come to Destiny 2, after many years of fan clamouring. Destiny 2 has never had a catalyst make as significant a change to a weapon as this one does, adding a whole new mode of operation to the Monte Carlo and making it one of the most powerful melee weapons in the game. Here is everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 Monte Carlo catalyst.

How to get the Monte Carlo catalyst in Destiny 2

Meeting Zavala in the Tower in Destiny 2
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The Monte Carlo catalyst is a random drop, added to the pool of many existing catalysts that can only be acquired at random. Catalysts that are acquired this way are random rewards for completing ritual activities.

This means you will need to spend some time playing Crucible, Gambit, or completing Vanguard Ops like Nightfalls in order to get the catalyst.

There is unfortunately little that can be done to sway the odds in your favour, but persistent play of ritual activities will eventually reward you with the Monte Carlo catalyst.

What the Monte Carlo catalyst does in Destiny 2

The perks of Monte Carlo in Destiny 2
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The Monte Carlo catalyst adds a new perk called Stochastic Vengeance. This ties into Monte Carlo's existing unique perks, the Monte Carlo Method and Markov Chain. These perks pair together to increase the weapon's damage and recover your melee energy quickly.

With Stochastic Vengeance, the bayonet on the Monte Carlo finally becomes functional. When you have five stacks of Markov Chain (gained by getting melee kills or kills with the weapon) you can hold the reload button to activate the bayonet. You get one, very powerful melee attack with it before it resets.

That said, getting a kill with the bayonet can proc Markov Chain again, creating a potentially endless loop so long as you get repeated bayonet kills. Pair this with Banner of War, the fourth Strand Aspect for Titans, and you can do some of the highest single-hit damage in the game.

That is it for our Monte Carlo catalyst guide. For more, head to our Destiny 2 homepage, or check out everything new in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch.

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