Destiny 2 server status: Are Destiny 2 servers down for Season of the Wish?

Destiny 2 server status: Are Destiny 2 servers down for Season of the Wish?
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28th Nov 2023 10:58

Are Destiny 2's servers down? A new Destiny 2 season is here again, Season of the Witch is concluding to give way to Season of the Wish.

As is always the case, the game will experience some downtime while the new update is deployed, so here is what you can expect to happen as the new season kicks off.

Destiny 2 server status

As of right now, the Destiny 2 servers are set to go down soon for the launch of Season of the Wish.

We can expect a delay to the Destiny 2 weekly reset. As a reminder, if you want to check for any upcoming maintenance that will cause the servers to shut down, you can check out the Bungie website here.

Destiny 2 update 7.2.0 maintenance schedule

Here's the server maintenance schedule as per Bungie:

  • 5 AM PT | 1 PM BST | 2 PM CET: Maintenance is scheduled to begin
  • 6:15 AM PT | 1:15 PM BST | 2:15 PM CET: Destiny 2 is brought offline
  • 9 AM PT | 5 PM BST | 6 PM CET: Destiny 2 will be brought back online. Season of the Wish will be playable on all platforms and regions at this time
  • 11 AM PT | 7 PM BST | 8 PM CET: Destiny 2 maintenance is scheduled to complete

Why do the servers go down in Destiny 2?

There are a multitude of reasons why the Destiny 2 servers are occasionally shut off. Mostly they are shut down intentionally, either for maintenance or before a huge update to the game, like the launch of an expansion or new season.

Usually, scheduled maintenance lasts no more than a few hours, but before new expansions, the servers are often shut down for 24 hours. There can be other reasons, such as technical faults, that cause the servers to shut down. Those are less predictable than intentional shutdowns, but thankfully those instances are rare.

Regardless of how or why the servers are shut down, the only thing any of us can do is wait. If you are itching to get back online, you can usually find out exactly when the servers are back on by keeping an eye on the Bungie Help Twitter account.

That is it for everything you need to know about Destiny 2's server status. For more on the game, head to our Destiny 2 homepage for handy guides on promo codes or how to those monthly Amazon Prime Gaming rewards.

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