Here's the Destiny 2 Power Level cap for The Final Shape & how to reach it

Here's the Destiny 2 Power Level cap for The Final Shape & how to reach it
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Destiny 2 is a numbers game, and there is nothing we Guardians love more than seeing that power level number go up.

The Final Shape brings with it many things, and one of those is a new Power level cap which means there's a higher ceiling for our Guardians to hit in their efforts to thwart The Witness.

Here's the current Power level cap for the latest expansion, including how to hit it.

What is the power level cap?

The current power level cap in Destiny 2 is 2000. This is the Pinnacle cap, which can only be reached with Pinnacle rewards from Dungeons, Raids, and other Pinnacle activities. It's also quite nice to have a round number to work toward.

The hard cap - the one that can be reached with powerful loot drops - is 1990. Players who reach that level will need to focus on Pinnacle rewards in order to climb those last ten levels.

How to reach the power level cap

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Increasing your power level in Destiny 2 requires you to gather new gear of increasingly higher levels. For starters, there is a soft level cap of 1900, and any legendary or rare gear will take you to that level.

If you want to surpass it you'll need to earn "Powerful" gear, which is earned through activities like Strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit. This will bring you all the way up to 1990, which of course is still 10 levels away from the coveted power level cap.

The following ten levels through to 2000 are tied to a type of gear called "Pinnacle Gear", which can be earned through some of the most difficult challenges and activities available, like dungeons and raids, Nightfalls, the weekly story mission, and events such as Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris.

How to quickly level your other Destiny 2 characters

If, like me, you've had three characters in rotation for the last few years, you'll be pleased to know that Bungie has made the process of levelling other characters much, much simpler.

Now, any characters you have that are at a lower level will receive rewards that are synced to your higher-level Guardians. Being able to blitz through the Final Shape campaign with my Titan, for example, will get it to a higher level.

I can then jump in with my Hunter or Warlock to see faster character growth. In fact, if you haven't created a Guardian of another class yet, now might be the best time to do so. You can buy Campaign Skips, too, if you want to jump right into endgame.

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