All we know about the Fallen-themed Destiny 2 Episode Revenant so far

All we know about the Fallen-themed Destiny 2 Episode Revenant so far
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11th Jun 2024 11:00

The Final Shape has only just concluded, but Destiny is kicking off its new Episodic structure with Echoes.

While we're currently tangling with the Vex again, we've got some information about the second Episode, Revenant, which will bring back some of the franchise's spookiness - as well as an old villain.

Here's everything we know about Episode Revenant, and we'll keep updating this page as we hear more from Bungie.

What is Destiny 2 Episode Revenant?

In Bungie's "The Journey Ahead" video where the team discusses the trio of episodes, the devs explain there's a Fallen theme for Revenant.

We'll be tackling Fikrul again, the leader of the Barons in Forsaken, and there are more "dark fantasy themes". To that end, players will be "Slayer Barons", which are essentially the Fallen's version of vampire hunters.

Fikrul has moved into an Awoken Watchtower, and he's using the Echo from the battle with The Witness to create a dark army.

New gear

Revenant Armor in Destiny 2
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That Vampire Hunter focus has given Bungie licence to put together some classic-looking armour designs (just look at that hat), as well as new weapons like whatever this thing is.

Destiny 2 Revenant weapon
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Aside from the Bloodborne-style gear shown so far, I'm curious to see how much further Bungie leans into some of the creepier elements of the Destiny universe that we've not really seen since Shadowkeep.

New Potion Crafting system

Potion crafting in Destiny 2 Revenant
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Bungie says we'll be able to craft potions of different kinds in Episode Revenant. Combat Potions "boost your artifact directly" while Loot Potions sound a little like the attunement we've seen in activities like the BRAVE Arsenal from Into The Light.

When will Episode Revenant launch?

Fikrul in Destiny 2
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We don't yet have a confirmed date, but given each Act of an Episode is six weeks or so, I'd circle October 8 on your diary - six weeks after the final act of Episode Echoes. That would mean this spooky Episode runs throughout Halloween, too.

After Revenant, there's the Hive-themed Episode Heresy, which will seemingly then lead into Codename: Frontiers - whatever that ends up being.

For more on Destiny 2 this year, be sure to check out our guide to Still Hunt, the new exotic sniper rifle, and our review of the Final Shape expansion.

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