Destiny 2 Prismatic subclass, all Supers, Aspects, Fragments & abilities for each class

Destiny 2 Prismatic subclass, all Supers, Aspects, Fragments & abilities for each class
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The new Prismatic subclass is coming to Destiny 2 soon, and we've just learned the specifics of how it works. Destiny 2 is gearing up for The Final Shape in June, and to cap off this journey we're getting a new set of powers that bring both Light and Dark together.

Prismatic is a new subclass made up of pieces from all of the other subclasses and could be the most interesting addition to the game in many years. For the full rundown, here's everything we know about this new subclass so far.

What is Prismatic?

Prismatic is what many are calling the 'lore-accurate Guardian' subclass, one where abilities from all different subclass types can be wielded together.

It doesn't give you total freedom to mix and match everything from the other subclasses, as there are some limitations. Prismatic will launch with one Super, melee ability, grenade, and Aspect from each of the existing subclasses.

There are more options in Prismatic than any of the individual subclasses have, so there's still plenty of room for experimentation. To alleviate some of the finer details, abilities that interact with specific buffs or debuffs will have a broader scope.

For example, Stylish Executioner is a Void Aspect for Hunters that triggers when defeating enemies with a Void debuff, but when used in Prismatic this should work with any debuff, regardless of the type. Prismatic is going to give players a lot of freedom to experiment and try drastically different approaches.

Prismatic Abilities & Aspects

So far, we've learned exactly which abilities and Aspects each class will have access to. Prismatic gives you access to all Class and Movement abilities, even the ones that are typically locked to a single subclass, like Acrobat's Dodge or Thruster.

The abilities and Aspects are as follows:


The Prismatic subclass menu for the Hunter in Destiny 2
Click to enlarge

Subclass Supers Melee Abilities Grenade Abilities Aspects
Arc Storm's Edge Combination Blow Arcbolt Ascension
Solar Golden Gun: Marksman (starting) Knife Trick (starting) Swarm (starting) Gunpowder Gamble
Stasis Silence and Squall (starting) Withering Blade (starting) Duskfield (starting) Winter's Shroud (starting)
Strand Silkstrike Threaded Spike Grapple Threaded Specter
Void Shadowshot: Deadfall Snare Bomb Magnetic Stylish Executioner (starting)

Any ability marked as (starting) is one that you will have access to as soon as you unlock Prismatic, the others will be acquired later.


The Prismatic subclass menu for the Titan
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Subclass Supers Melee Abilities Grenade Abilities Aspects
Arc Thundercrash (starting) Thunderclap (starting) Pulse (starting) Knockout (starting)
Solar Hammer of Sol Hammer Strike Thermite Consecration
Stasis Glacial Quake Shiver Strike Glacier Diamond Lance (starting)
Strand Bladefury (starting) Frenzied Blade (starting) Shackle (starting) Drengr's Lash
Void Twilight Arsenal Shield Throw Suppressor Unbreakable


The Prismatic subclass menu for the Warlock
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Subclass Supers Melee Abilities Grenade Abilities Aspects
Arc Stormtrance Chain Lightning Storm Lightning Surge
Solar Song of Flame Incinerator Snap Healing Hellion
Stasis Winter's Wrath (starting) Penumbral Blast (starting) Coldsnap (starting) Bleak Watcher (starting)
Strand Needlestorm Arcane Needle Threadling Weaver's Call
Void Nova Bomb: Cataclysm (starting) Pocket Singularity (starting) Vortex (starting) Feed the Void (starting)

What is Transcendence?

Guardians becoming Transcendent in Destiny 2 The Final Shape
Click to enlarge

On top of all of these abilities and Aspects, players will also have their Transcendence abilities. While using Prismatic, you'll see two new meters below the Super meter. The one on the left fills up when you deal Light damage, and the one on the right fills up when you deal Dark damage.

When both are filled, you can activate Transcendence. This increases your damage output, recharges your abilities, and gives you a new unique grenade that blends elements of both Light and Dark. For the Hunter, the Hailfire Spike grenade slows enemies with Stasis, before erupting with Solar damage.

Titans get the Electrified Snare, which suspends enemies with Strand, before jolting them with chain lightning. The Warlocks get the Freezing Singularity grenade. This grenade creates a miniature black hole of Void damage, orbited by a halo of Stasis ice which explodes soon after.

Transcendence is the ultimate expression of Prismatic, increasing your power as you would expect it to be while wielding so many elements at once.

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Prismatic Fragments

Fragments are often where the nitty gritty of subclass building is done, and this presents a challenge for Prismatic. With so many contrasting and conflicting options, how can the Fragments allow you to build something really effective?

First of all, most of the Aspects have had their Fragment slots bumped up to 3, with some of the more powerful ones only bumped up to 2. This means you will likely be equipping more Fragments with Prismatic than other subclasses, which ties nicely into the next change.

Prismatic is going to have significantly more Fragments than the other subclasses. 21 in total, more than the typical 14-16 of the others. Some of these Fragments are augmented versions of existing ones, some combine two existing Fragments into one, while others are entirely new.

Here are the Prismatic Fragments that have been revealed so far:

Name Description
Facet of Balance Rapidly defeating targets with Light damage grants melee energy. Rapidly defeating targets with Dark damage grants grenade energy.
Facet of Bravery Defeating targets with grenades grants Volatile Rounds to your Void weapons. Defeating targets with powered melee final blows grants Unraveling Rounds to your Strand weapons.
Facet of Dawn (starting) Powered melee hits against targets make you Radiant. Powered melee final blows make both you and nearby allies Radiant.
Facet of Defiance Finishers create a detonation that either Jolts, Scorches, Slows, Severs, or makes targets Volatile, based on the damage type of your equipped super.
Facet of Dominance Your Void grenades Weaken, and Arc grenades Jolt targets.
Facet of Generosity Defeating targets while Transcendent creates Orbs of Power for your allies.
Facet of Grace Damaging targets with Kinetic weapons grants you bonus Transcendence energy. Defeating targets with your Super grants you and nearby allies bonus Transcendence energy.
Facet of Hope (starting) While you have an elemental buff, your class ability regenerates more quickly.
Facet of Justice

While Transcendent, your ability final blows explode.

Facet of Protection (starting) While surrounded by enemies, you are more resistant to incoming damage.
Facet of Purpose (starting) Picking up an Orb of Power grants either Amplified, Restoration, Frost Armor, Woven Mail, or Overshield, based on the damage type of your equipped super.
Facet of Ruin (starting) This increases the size and damage of the burst when you shatter a Stasis Crystal or Frozen target and increases the size of Solar Ignitions.

That's it for what we know about the Prismatic subclass so far. For more, head to our Destiny 2 homepage where we've got guides on the new exotic class items, the BRAVE Arsenal, how to start the Whisper exotic mission, and everything you need to know about Into the Light.

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