How to get Destiny 2's Ergo Sum Exotic Sword and all random perk rolls

How to get Destiny 2's Ergo Sum Exotic Sword and all random perk rolls
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Lloyd Coombes


7th Jun 2024 17:37

Destiny 2’s Final Shape expansion shakes things up in both story and in terms of gameplay, with our Guardians heading inside The Traveler, and unlocking the new Prismatic subclass.

Just like Lightfall shook things up with Strand, replacing grenades with grapples, Final Shape sneaks a post-game surprise in the form of Ergo Sum.

This exotic sword doesn’t use the Heavy ammo type like its siblings but instead is powered by Special ammo. It also pairs nicely with Prismatic since it accelerates both Light and Darkness with its perk.

As with the likes of Microcosm and Still Hunt, however, you’ll need to finish the campaign to get going - so be sure to do that to avoid spoilers. Still here? OK, let’s get into it.

How to get Ergo Sum in Destiny 2’s Final Shape expansion

As with its post-game partners Microcosm and Still Hunt, you’ll need to complete the “Queens Part 1” step of the “Destined Heroes” quest in order to get the ball rolling with Ergo Sum.

As we said before (and in case you’re not sure if you’re there yet), Queens Part 1 involves Savathun’s Lucent Hive, fighting them off and activating runes using Arc, Solar, and Void. If you’ve finished that stage, then you’re golden for Ergo Sum.

How to complete Destined Heroes

While the quest splinters off into different branches that lead towards Microcosm and Still Hunt, sticking with Destined Heroes is how you get Ergo Sum.

You’ll need to finish the “Found in the Dark” and “Lost in the Light” quests, and then attempt “Queens Part 2”. It’s a nice easy one, really, and ends up with you getting the Dyadic Prism and a landing zone called Sacraium.

Head there to pick up Ergo Sum.

Is Ergo Sum worth it and what does it do?

Destiny 2 Ergo Sum in trailer
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As with many recent Destiny exotic weapons, Ergo Sum doesn’t have a fixed roll. Unlike those others, though, it’s not a craftable weapon - you just get fresh perks each time., a Destiny database, has scraped the API to show the following exotic perks that it can roll with:



Which exotic it’s from

Arc Conductor

Heavy attacks surge lightning from the user.


Gathering Light

Stowing weapon restores ability energy based on final blows.

Traveler’s Chosen

Insectoid Robot Grenades

Final blows deploy homing robot grenades.

The Colony

Perfect Fifth

Every five hits attaches a delayed explosion.

Polaris Lance

Sacred Flame

Heavy attacks mark targets, light attacks detonate them.

Ticuu’s Divination


Rapid final blows create a lightning storm.


Unplanned Reprieve

Heavy attacks emit delayed detonating projectiles.


Wolfpack Round

Heavy attacks grant cluster missiles to sword-wielders.


Honestly, it sounds chaotic with some of these, I can’t wait to try an Insectoid Robot Grenade-launching sword! Maybe the Telesto one will break the game, true to form.

There's also one very important perk it will always end up with:

  • Transcendent Duelist: This weapon collects less ammo. Final blows with this weapon accelerate Light and Darkness mastery. Deals increased damage while Transcendent; defeating targets lengthens Transcendence.

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