Destiny 2 weekly reset time for March 21: Nightfall, rewards & crucible playlist

Destiny 2 weekly reset time for March 21: Nightfall, rewards & crucible playlist
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Dave McAdam


21st Mar 2023 16:25

The Destiny 2 weekly reset is upon us! Destiny 2 keeps things fresh by cycling through content on a weekly basis, giving players reasons to come back for more every Tuesday. Not only has Lightfall arrived, but Season of Defiance has begun, too, bringing with them plenty of activities for Guardians to complete.

Here's everything to attempt before the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset on March 21, including the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time, activities, and plenty more.

What is the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset?

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: The Tower
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If you're new to Destiny 2, you may be wondering why there is a Destiny 2 weekly reset at all. As is the case with most live service games, developers are constantly looking for new ways to keep players playing, just as much as players are always looking for reasons to keep playing. Unfortunately, developers can't bash out massive expansions every other week, and that's where the Destiny 2 weekly reset time comes in.

Guardians will be tasked with taking on a range of weekly challenges, which will reward levels of currency, armour and so on. This is part of the loot grind, as players eagerly inch their way to the max light level. The Destiny 2 weekly reset time is also a way for events like Iron Banner to launch and conclude their limited time in the game, and for Vendors to restock their supplies.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Time: When is the Weekly Reset on March 21?

The next Destiny 2 Weekly Reset is at 5 PM GMT/10 AM PT/1 PM ET on March 28 - so be sure to complete the following activities before then.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: Vanguard Ops, Nightfalls, and Raids

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: Vanguard
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Let's move on to some jolly cooperative PvE content. This week, the Nightfall is a classic that Nightfall aficionados will be familiar with. The Arms Dealer takes us back to the Cabal base in the EDZ to face off against Bracus Zahn.

That said, this is one of the strikes that has seen some recent changes, so don't expect to breeze through it as you did in the past.

Vault of Glass is the featured raid for this week, so be sure to jump in there to complete any challenges you have yet to accomplish or want to craft some of the weapons available here. The featured dungeon is Shattered Throne, another great way to grab some powerful loot.

  • There have been some changes made to the way Lost Sectors work in Destiny 2. To learn more, check out our guide to Destiny 2 Lost Sectors.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: Crucible and Gambit

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: Crucible
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Just as the cooperative content, so does the competitive content refresh each week. We have more bounties to complete, gear to chase, and good times to be had. Momentum Control is back in the Crucible this time, so be sure to jump in for some aggressive competition and to complete the attached Seasonal Challenge.

Iron Banner, originally slated for last week, returns with some changes. The newest feature is the ability to focus engrams with Lord Saladin, like you can with most vendors now. This will make getting the Iron Banner gear you want much easier, so be sure to jump on for some matches during the week.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: Seasonal Challenges

Destiny 2 weekly reset: seasonal challenges for Season of Defiance week 4
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A new season means a new suite of Seasonal Challenges. As this is week four of the season, we have plenty more to see and do, so here are your challenges for this week.

  • All That Matters - Complete Week 4 of the "We Stand Unbroken" quest
  • Cunning Liberator - Defeat combatants in the Defiant Battlegrounds playlist using Energy weapons. Bonus progress with Void or Arc damage.
  • Focused Defiance - Decode of focus Defiant Engrams at the War Table during Season of Defiance. 
  • Strandweaver - Complete "The Final Strand" quest. Also, rapidly defeat combatants throughout Neomuna. Bonus for sidearm final blows.
  • Mod Collecter - Unlock 12 artefact mods.
  • Momentum Crash - Defeat Guardians in Momentum Control. Earn bonus progress with Zone Advantage.
  • Razro's Edge - Defeat targets with Swords, Bows, and Glaives in Gambit. Bonus progress for defeating Guardians.
  • Darkest Nightfall - Complete any Nightfall strike on Hero difficulty or higher.
  • Precision Calibration - Calibrate marksman weapons (Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Linear Fusion Rifles) by landing precision final blows. Bonus progress for defeating Guardians.

That will do it for this Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Guide for March 21, we’ll be back next week for more updates and everything new coming to the game that week. For more on the game, why not check out our tips for the latest raid in our Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares raid walkthrough.

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