My best endgame Hunter build for Destiny 2 Season of the Wish

My best endgame Hunter build for Destiny 2 Season of the Wish
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Eoin Black & Dave McAdam

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2nd Apr 2024 14:37


The best Hunter build in Destiny 2 is a hard thing to quantify, considering how many different potential builds there are. Destiny 2 is great that way, in that it caters to a lot of different approaches and playstyles.

This Hunter Void build is my personal favourite and one of the best builds in the game for team and solo PvE content. If you want to output massive damage, wipe out hordes of enemies, and be mostly invisible as you do so, here is how to do it.

What does this build do?

Through a combination of abilities and gear, this build will give you nearly permanent Volatile rounds which will disintegrate groups of enemies, and will turn you invisible repeatedly, making you a ghost on the battlefield.

The key to this build is a loop, where turning invisible gives you Volatile rounds, and killing enemies with Volatile damage turns you invisible. The loop is easy to start, easy to maintain, and requires little cooldown with the right setup.

With a bit of effort, you can also add Devour to the loop, meaning you are dealing massive damage, repeatedly turning invisible, and healing yourself on each kill. This build will dominate in raids and dungeons, enough even for solo runs if you're feeling brave.

Abilities, Aspects & Fragments

The Nightstalker subclass menu in Destiny 2
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Subclass - Nightstalker - Moebius Quiver


  • Vanishing Step - Dodging makes us Invisible and combos with Gambler’s Dodge to refund our Snare Bomb - which also makes us Invisible. 
  • Stylish Executioner - Any time we defeat a Void-debuffed target, i.e. Volatile, we turn Invisible. 


  • Echo of Undermining - Makes our Void grenade weaken targets to combo with Stylish Executioner. 
  • Echo of Persistence - Increases the duration of Devour and Invisibility.
  • Echo of Starvation - Grants Devour on each Orb pickup. Combined with our constant Invisibility, having constant Devour means we’ll practically never die if we micromanage our abilities correctly. 
  • Echo of Cessation - Finishers create a burst of Void damage and cause nearby enemies to become Volatile. Also, defeating Volatile targets creates Void Breaches.


  • Gambler’s Dodge - Keeps Snare Bomb active. 
  • Triple Jump - Use whatever you’re comfortable with here. 
  • Snare Bomb - Only choice. 
  • Vortex Grenade - Deals persistent damage in a wide area, and with Echo of Undermining, your grenade kills will also activate Stylish Executioner.

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If you like to branch out to the other classes, check out:


The Unforgiven SMG in Destiny 2
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Unsurprisingly, you'll want to use Void weapons for this build. The loadout I find really strong here is:

  • Kinetic - Outbreak Perfected
  • Energy - Unforgiven/Funnelweb
  • Heavy - Retrofit Escapade

Your primary tool here will be the energy weapon, and I find a good Void SMG to be the best suited to this build. Unforgiven, the SMG from the Duality dungeon is excellent for this, but if that is unavailable to you then Funnelweb is a close second.

Pair this with a Void Machine Gun like Retrofit Escapade. You'll need to consistently get kills to keep the buffs in this build active, so use the SMG for regular enemies, then bust out the Machine Gun to mow down mid and high-tier foes.

To cap this off, I like to run with Outbreak Perfected, but the choice is really up to you as to what you pop into your Kinetic slot. I like Outbreak for the range and flexibility, but also the SIVA seekers are great for keeping up the crowd control that this build is already excellent at.

Where possible, Masterworks are a great help here as this build hits another level when you are consistently creating Orbs of Power.

Armour & mods

The Gyrfalcon's Hauberk exotic armour with the effect highlighted
Click to enlarge

With regards to armour, Gyrfalcon's Hauberk is the primary exotic you need, and the one that makes this build happen. It has a couple of effects, but the primary one we care about is that it grants you Volatile rounds for 10 seconds after exiting invisibility.

This effect, paired with Stylish Executioner, is what gives us the near constant up-time on invisibility. If there is a crucial thing you need to get for this build, Gyrfalcon's Hauberk is it.

With regards to mods, we want to reduce our cooldowns and create Orbs of Power. Stat buffs should go into mobility and resilience as much as possible, don't worry too much about ability recovery.

Firepower is an excellent mod that generates Orbs of Power from grenade kills, and pairs perfectly with Absolution and Innervation which grant cooldowns for your abilities when you pick up Orbs. Distribution also reduces cooldowns when you use your class ability near enemies, which is exactly what we are doing with this build anyway.

That is it for our best Hunter build, feel free to play around with it and make it your own. For more info, head to our Destiny 2 homepage with our up-to-date guides for the weekly reset, lost sector rotation, Trials of Osiris, Xur, and everything you need to know for The Final Shape.

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