How to unlock the fourth Strand Aspects in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch

How to unlock the fourth Strand Aspects in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch
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24th Aug 2023 17:10

Fourth Strand Aspects have been added in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch for each class, giving Destiny 2 players even more options for their builds.

The new Strand Aspects open up many new options for Strand builds in the game, but you need to complete a quest first.

For our full rundown of how to unlock the fourth Strand Aspects in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch, see below.

How to unlock new Strand Aspects in Season of the Witch

Screenshot of the Veil Containment mission that unlocks the new Strand Aspects
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To unlock the new Strand Aspects, you must complete a quest for Nimbus before heading to the Pouka Pond. The previous batch of Strand Aspects were acquired directly from the pond, but this time we have extra steps to complete.

There isn't much to it, the quest is called Unveiled, and simply requires the player to go to Veil Containment. Fans who have been keeping up with this aspect of the story will know that there have been pieces of backstory discovered here over the last number of weeks.

Head to Veil Containment, collect Osiris' data, then return to Nimbus. After this, you can head to the Pouka Pond to pick up your fourth Strand Aspect.

What do the fourth Strand Aspects do?

Screenshot of the Pouka Pond where you acquire your fourth Strand Aspect
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The Fourth Aspects add a new dimension to the Strand subclass, with one for each class. Here are the new Aspects and what they do:

Aspect Class Effect
Weavewalk Warlock Dodge while airborne to enter the weave, gaining damage resistance from combatants and players. Reactivate your air dodge or cast your Rift to exit the weave. In addition, while in the weave, you generate perched Threadlings over time.
Whirling Maelstrom  Hunter Destroying a Tangle will weave a violent, writhing mass of Strand fibers. The Strand mass seeks out and damages targets, emitting Unraveling projectiles when it defeats them.
Banner of War Titan Defeat a target with a melee attack, finisher, or Sword to raise a Banner of War that pulses with energy, periodically healing nearby allies and increasing melee and Sword damage. Targets defeated by you and nearby allies charge the banner, increasing the speed of its pulses.

That is it for our guide to the fourth Strand Aspect in Destiny 2. For more, head to our Destiny 2 homepage, or check out our Destiny 2 Season of the Witch breakdown.

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