How to finish the Wild Card mission in Destiny 2 The Final Shape and get the Still Hunt exotic

How to finish the Wild Card mission in Destiny 2 The Final Shape and get the Still Hunt exotic
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7th Jun 2024 17:35

A big part of Destiny 2’s Final Shape expansion is about breaking down the barriers between classes and subclasses with new exotic class items and the Prismatic subclass.

Perhaps the best example of this comes with Still Hunt, an exotic Sniper Rifle that basically takes the Golden Gun Super that Hunters have had access to since the first game and democratises it so that Titans and Warlocks can have some fun, too.

Looking for more powerful exotics in The Final Shape? We’ve got a full rundown, as well as our guides for Ergo Sum and Microcosm.

Spoiler Warning

A word of warning - you’ll need to finish the campaign before you get a chance to earn Still Hunt. With that in mind, you may want to turn back, and can consider this a spoiler warning.

How to get Still Hunt in Destiny 2’s Final Shape expansion

Destiny 2 Still Hunt in action
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While Red Death is tucked away in a menu, Still Hunt will take a little longer to earn. It’s tied to a post-game Exotic Quest called ‘Wild Card’.

As with Microcosm, you’ll need to get past the ‘Queens Part 1’ stage of the ‘Destined Heroes’ quest, which will unlock Wild Card. As a reminder, this can only happen once you’ve finished the campaign - so check our mission list to see how much further you have to go.

In case you’re not there yet, Queens Part 1 revolves around tackling Savathun’s Lucent Hive, fighting them off and activating runes using Arc, Solar, and Void. This is done by blocking the relevant attacks with a Hive sword, culminating in another fight with Savathun.

How to complete Wild Card

Less a quest and more of a straight-up mission, Cayde will give you the Wild Card pursuit once you turn in Queens Part 1 and speak with Micah-10.

It’s nice and easy to begin with, as you visit set locations and set up camp in the Pale Heart, before hunting down enemies with Dark Ether. It doesn’t take long to rack up the kills you need, then you’ll be sent to fight The Devourer of Tainted Light.

It’s a pretty simple fight, just stick with Prismatic so you can keep going Transcendent and spam your abilities, and pop Super when you need it.

Next up, slay a bunch of Taken to remove four Blights in the environment. You’ll need to clear them all to progress, which will take you to a sort of sniper’s nest.

Leave the nest, and you’re as good as dead, so grab your weapon of choice and get to hunting Shanks until the larger Shank, dubbed the Hoarder of Tainted Light, makes an appearance. Destroy it, and you're onto the final step.

How to defeat Lii-liks, Harvester of the Witness

To finish up Wild Card, you’ll need to deal with explosive Screebs in a confined space, so be sure to move slowly, before taking on Lii-liks, Harvester of the Witness.

Lii-liks is a three-phase boss fight that features plenty of additional enemies. Once you knock off each section of its health, it’ll retreat and you’ll need to put 10 Dark Ether in the barrel in the arena to draw it back out again.

So, all in all, a pretty simple quest - there’s just a fair few steps to it.

Is Still Hunt worth it and what does it do?

Destiny 2 Still Hunt exotic
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It’ll be interesting to see just how Still Hunt performs in PvE situations because I know people who swear by Golden Golden even though I’ve always preferred Blade Barrage.

Whatever your preference, it pairs nicely with Celestial Nighthawk for one huge damage-dealing shot rather than three smaller ones.

Here are the perks for the weapon:

  • Cayde’s Retribution: Pick up Orbs of Power or land precision hits to charge this weapon's Super bar. Once full, hold the reload button to fire Golden Gun shots.
  • Sharpshooter: This weapon gains passive bonuses to target acquisition, aim down sight speed, and flinch resistance. The bonus increases when this weapon's super mode is active.

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