Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks Explained

Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks Explained
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Eoin Black


29th Aug 2022 10:05

Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks are a new system coming to the game in Lightfall. Guardian Ranks were unveiled during the Destiny 2 2022 showcase, alongside an in-game Looking-For-Guardian (LFG) system, and a new Commendations system. Altogether, these new individual mechanics make up a social overhaul coming to Destiny in Lightfall.

We're going to run you through Guardian Ranks specifically. We'll explain what they are, and their purpose based on what we know from Bungie's presentation. Given that Lightfall doesn't launch until February of 2022, there's still plenty of time for Bungie to make changes to the Guardian Rank system, so bear that in mind going forward. 

Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks: Explained

Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks explained - Rank 11 Paragon with challenges.
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Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks are a new type of endgame grind that Bungie will be introducing with Lightfall. We don't know anything 100% concrete yet - even the images we have are technical mockups and not final. Still, Bungie told us what to expect during the Destiny 2 showcase 2022, so we can take that information and distil it down for you. 

Guardian Ranks were described as a "knowledge ladder" during the showcase, with a confirmation that there would be 11 individual ranks within the system. The plan is for it to be integrated with the new Commendations system, with a Guardian's rank serving as a simple indicator of how much they've done in Destiny 2, and how many new people they've helped access endgame activities. 

The idea behind Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks is to incentivize veteran players to help New Lights (newer players) access some of the game's harder content. These less-experienced players tend to have a hard time getting accepted onto a regular LFG Fireteam, meaning they're locked out of a lot of what Destiny has to offer. Guardian Ranks are trying to fix that issue.


Based on what we can see in the above screenshot, and what we heard during the showcase, we can assume that Guardian Rank challenges are going to be a mix of solo feats within the game, and social feats related to helping out newer players. The more difficult stuff you do, and helping of others do, the higher your rank. 

Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks - Why?

It's unclear if there will be any material rewards for attaining Guardian Ranks, but the concept is that they will serve as a sort of in-game Sherpa card. Newer players will see veterans with high Guardian Ranks and now they can trust them to help them out. 

Destiny 2's new Guardian Ranks are just one part of a whole brand new social system. Bungie is implementing a new in-game LFG system, which combined with Commendations and Guardian Ranks should serve as a way for newer, solo players to finally access some of the game's Pinnacle content, including Grandmaster Nightfalls and raids. 

That's all we really know about Guardian Ranks right now. The showcase only dedicated a few minutes to them. Still, it's something to be excited about, so keep your ears open for any new information Bungie lets slip.

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