Destiny 2's Episode Heresy will lead into Codename Frontier, here's all we know

Destiny 2's Episode Heresy will lead into Codename Frontier, here's all we know
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11th Jun 2024 11:22

When you've got arguably the most successful live service game around, you can hardly rest on your laurels, and Bungie certainly isn't with Destiny 2. With Episode Echoes launching just a week after The Final Shape yet, we've already begun to learn about Episode Revenant and the final episode, Heresy.

This Hive-themed update is likely to transition into whatever comes next for Destiny 2, currently dubbed "Codename: Frontiers", and while that next phase remains a mystery we do have some information about Episode Heresy already.

Here's all we know about the final Episode of Year 7 of Destiny 2.

What is Destiny 2 Episode Heresy?

While the first Episode focused on the Vex and the second on the Fallen, Heresy is all about the Hive Gods.

"Heresy is about the Hive Pantheon dealing with some new interesting revelations that happen," Alison Lührs, Narrative Director explains in Bungie's "The Journey Ahead" video. 

"We want to take the Hive Pantheon and shake up the snowglobe. It means we want to take the existing relationships that we see inside of it and put them through such a stress test that they come out changed."

Players can expect a new "Eldritch force" that's creating "powerful mysteries" that lead them back to the Dreadnaught from 2015's Taken King expansion.

New Location - The Dreadnaught

Concept art for The Dreadnaught
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Bungie says it's giving The Dreadnaught a "whole new purpose" to make it an "inscrutable fortress of secrets."

We're yet to find out more beyond that, it's interesting to see the location return from the Content Vault in a way that's not tied to the reprised King's Fall Raid.

New gear

Hive Navigator armor set
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The Hive Navigator armour set looks incredible, almost as if it's stepped out of Warframe, while the Eris Morn theming on the second armour set is also very slick.

Destiny 2 Heresy Armor
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Bungie also says the weapons aboard the Dreadnought are peeling to reveal their skeletal innards, which is certainly nice and creepy.

A weapon peeling in Destiny 2 Heresy
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When will Episode Heresy launch?

Fikrul in Destiny 2
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Each Act of an Episode runs for six weeks, and Episode Revenant is expected on October 8. That means Heresy is likely to launch around January 11.

Hopefully, we'll know more about whatever Codename Frontiers is by then, which is expected in 2025.

For more on Destiny 2 this year, be sure to check out our guide to Microcosm, the new exotic weapon, and our review of the Final Shape expansion.

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