Destiny 2 Void 3.0 Guide: All Aspects & Fragments For All Classes

Destiny 2 Void 3.0 Guide: All Aspects & Fragments For All Classes
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13th Feb 2023 10:15

Bungie’s loot-shooting RPG, Destiny 2, is a dense game that's been building on systems laid down by the first game back in 2014.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in the game's array of elemental subclasses, with Void, Solar & Arc abilities getting a refresh in the last few months to bring them closer to Stasis.

Destiny 2 Void 3.0 is a reworking of the purple, explosive power granted by the Traveler that adds new mechanics and customization options including Aspects and Fragments.

Whichever class you're running, here's our guide to Void 3.0, including Destiny 2 Void Aspects and Fragments and how to get them. 

What Is Void 3.0 in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Void 3.0 combat screenshot
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Void 3.0 is a rework of the Void subclass abilities that debuted alongside The Witch Queen in Season of the Risen in 2022.

It's still being iterated on, with new properties coming as part of Lightfall - as well as a new Strand type.

The other Destiny 2 damage types are:

  • Arc (Light Blue) - The power of lightning
  • Solar (Orange/Red) - The power of the sun
  • Stasis (Dark Blue) - The power of cosmic ice

There’s also Kinetic damage, which isn’t imbued with any special properties.

How To Unlock Void 3.0 Aspects & Fragments in Destiny 2

You'll unlock Void, along with Arc & Solar subclasses, when starting out in Destiny 2 as a new player. You'll also get your hands on it if you're a returning player.

After that, you can purchase Aspects, Fragments, and Void abilities from Ikora Rey in The Tower's courtyard. They cost a fair amount of Glimmer, so be sure to head to the Cryptarch to restock on the currency to make sure you can buy everything.

Destiny 2 Void 3.0 Keywords

Here are the key things to keep in mind when picking your Void 3.0 Aspects and Fragments:

  • Devour: Final blows restore health and grant grenade energy.
  • Invisibility: Turn invisible visually and on radar. Ends when attacking.
  • Overshield: Adds a protective barrier.
  • Suppressed: Target cannot use abilities.
  • Void Breach (New for Lightfall): Void Breaches are created by a selection of new and existing Void Fragments, and grant class ability energy on pickup.
  • Volatile: Target explodes after taking enough damage.
  • Weaken: Target is slowed and takes increased damage.

All Destiny 2 Void 3.0 Aspects & Fragments

Void 3.0 Aspects and Fragments allow you to customize your character based on broad archetypes and personal preferences.

Aspects are class-specific, so Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks all have their own to choose from.

Fragments, on the other hand, are universal. They can be slotted into any build, and some come with buffs or penalties to your core stats.

Here’s every Destiny 2 Void 3.0 Aspect:

Destiny 2 Void 3.0 Hunter
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  • Stylish Executioner: Defeating a Void-debuffed target (weakened, suppressed, or volatile) grants invisibility and Truesight. While invisible and after a Stylish Execution, your next melee attack weakens enemies.
  • Trapper's Ambush: Players can spend their melee charge to trigger a smokebomb that damages enemies and makes allies invisible.
  • Vanishing Step: Dodging makes the Hunter invisible.

Destiny 2 Void 3.0 Titan
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  • Bastion: Casting Barricade generates Overshield for yourself and nearby allies. Those behind the shield will regenerate Overshield over time and extend the Overshield’s duration.
  • Controller Demolition: Hitting a target with a Void ability or volatile detonation will make them volatile.
  • Offensive Bulwark: While you have Overshield or are inside the Ward of Dawn, grenades charge significantly faster and you have increased melee damage. You also gain an additional shield throw for your Sentinel Shield Super.

Destiny 2 Void 3.0 Warlock
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  • Chaos Accelerant: Hold down the grenade button to overcharge your Vortex, Axion Bolt, Scatter, and Magnetic grenades. Magnetic grenades overcharge into Handheld Supernovas.
  • Child of the Old Gods: Cast your Rift to summon a Void Soul which launches itself toward enemies and detonates when you deal damage. It restores either melee and grenade energy (Healing Rift), or health (Empowering Rift) back to you. Defeating an enemy who is being drained grants Rift energy.
  • Feed The Void: Defeat an enemy with a Void ability to activate devour.

Here’s every Destiny 2 Void Fragment so far:

  • Echo of Cessation (NEW for Lightfall): Finisher final blows create a burst of Void damage that causes nearby enemies to become Volatile. Defeating Volatile targets creates a Void Breach.
  • Echo of Dilation: While crouched, sneak faster and gain enhanced radar resolution; Mobility, and Intellect bonus (+10 Mobility & Intellect).
  • Echo of Domineering: After suppressing a target, gain greatly increased Mobility for a short duration and your equipped weapon is reloaded from reserves. Creates Void Breach when defeating Suppressed targets; Discipline bonus (+10 Discipline).
  • Echo of Exchange: Melee final blows grant grenade energy.
  • Echo of Expulsion: Void ability kills cause enemies to explode; Intellect bonus (+10 Intellect).
  • Echo of Harvest: Defeating weakened targets with precision final blows will create an Orb of Power and a Void Breach; Intellect penalty (-10 Intellect).
  • Echo of Instability: Defeating targets with grenades grants Volatile Rounds to your Void weapons; Strength bonus (+10 Strength).
  • Echo of Leeching: Melee final blows start health regeneration for you and nearby allies; Resilience bonus (+10 Resilience).
  • Echo of Obscurity: Finisher final blows grant Invisibility, Recovery bonus (+10 Recovery).
  • Echo of Provision: Damaging enemies with grenades grants melee energy; Strength penalty (-10 Strength).
  • Echo of Remnants: Lingering grenade effects have increased duration.
  • Echo of Reprisal: Final blows while surrounded by combatants grant Super energy.
  • Echo of Resistance: Void buffs applied have increased duration; Mobility penalty (-10 Mobility).
  • Echo of Starvation: Picking up an Orb of Power or Void Breach grants Devour; Recovery penalty (-10 Recovery).
  • Echo of Undermining: Void grenades weaken enemies; Discipline penalty (-20 Discipline).
  • Echo of Vigilance (NEW for Lightfall): Defeating a target when your shields are depleted grants you a temporary Void Overshield.

That’s everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Void 3.0, including every Aspect and Fragment. Excited for Lightfall? Be sure to check out our rundown of the Strand subclass so far, and the upcoming Loadout system.

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