How to get Red Death Reformed and its Catalyst in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

How to get Red Death Reformed and its Catalyst in Destiny 2 The Final Shape
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Lloyd Coombes


7th Jun 2024 17:35

Destiny 2’s Final Shape brings a powerful new subclass, but even if you’re sticking with the basic ones there are some nifty exotics to earn, including Red Death Reformed..

We’ve already covered how to earn Microcosm, and while that one was relatively complex, getting this new exotic couldn’t be easier.

That’s because the new version of the classic Destiny 1 Pulse Rifle is included in the Episode: Echoes Season Pass.

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How to get Red Death Reformed in Destiny 2’s Final Shape expansion

Destiny 2 Episode 1 key art
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As I mentioned above, you just need to head into the menu, slide over to the Season Pass tab, and you can get yourself Red Death Reformed - neat!

You’ll get it on level 1 of the paid pass, or the one included with the Deluxe Edition of The Final Shape. If you don’t have it, it’ll cost you 1200 Silver.

If you want to stick to the free pass (and who could blame you?) you can still earn it on the Season Pass’ free track but you’ll have to get yourself to level 40.

How to unlock the Red Death Reformed catalyst and what it does

While I was expecting the catalyst to be tied to a random drop, I’m pleased to see it’s attached to the Season Pass - albeit to Act 2, which doesn’t arrive for another month or so.

Still, when it does arrive, you’ll find it at level 145, letting you slot it into Red Death Reformed. But what does it do?

Similar to how Red Death Reformed heals its users, the catalyst description says:

“Final blows charge this weapon. When the weapon is charged, the next final blow creates a healing burst at your location and leaves a remnant behind that provides restoration to allies.”

Is Red Death Reformed worth it and what does it do?

Destiny 1's version of Red Death
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Laying my cards on the table here, Red Death was one of my favourite exotic weapons in Destiny 1. It was a godsend in Crota’s End, and much of it remains similar this time around.

One big change is that Red Death Reformed is no longer Kinetic - it’s a Solar weapon, sitting in your second slot. It’s very similar to Crimson, which was its sort of “stand-in” in Destiny 2, but now the king is back - and it’s as effective as ever.

Here are the perks for the weapon:

  • Redemption: Final blows with this weapon cure you and increase reload speed; reloading after final blows cures nearby allies.
  • Inverse Relationship: When you deal damage with this weapon, it gains increased handling, takes reduced flinch, and movement speed is increased for a short time. When you are at reduced health, this weapon deals additional damage.

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