Best Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch PvE & PvP tier list

Best Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch PvE & PvP tier list
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1st Nov 2023 15:45


If you're not sure which exotic weapons are best in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch, we are here to help. Destiny 2 only allows players to equip one exotic weapon at a time, so choosing which one to use is a significant decision.

Below are our picks for the overall best exotic weapons for Season of the Witch, across PvE and PvE content, organised in a tier list from S-Tier (must-haves) to B-Tier (still amazing but not as good, or only useful for certain situations).

Best exotic kinetic weapons in Destiny 2

Best exotic kinetic weapons in Destiny 2
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Tiers Weapons
S Tier

Ace of Spades

The Chaperone

Osteo Striga


Ager's Scepter 

Eriana's Vow

A Tier


No Time to Explain

Dead Man's Tale

Traveler's Chosen



The Last Word



The Huckleberry

Monte Carlo


Outbreak Perfected

Rat King

Izangi's Burden

B Tier

Fighting Lion

Vigilance Wing





Usually, the weapon in the Kinetic slot is your workhorse, the weapon you use the most in most situations. This isn't the case for all the weapons on this list, but it is a great description for exotic weapons like Outbreak Perfected, No Time to Explain and Ace of Spades. These weapons stand on their own two feet as tools of destruction in both PvE and PvP.

Then you have the weapons with more specific use cases, but few are more influential than Witherhoard or Arbalest. The former is amazing for taking out groups of enemies, whereas the latter is great for big targets with a lot of health, or other Guardians in PvP. You don't get a grenade launcher or a linear fusion rifle in the Kinetic slot outside of these weapons, which is what makes them so special.

Then you have the weapons that take some of your builds from good to great, like the Strand powerhouses Quicksilver Storm and Osteo Striga. However dire the situation is, one of the exotic Kinetic weapons on our list is bound to get you out of it.

As of Season of the Witch, Monte Carlo finally has its very own catalyst that drastically improves the weapon's melee potential. Fans who have always wanted to make use of that bayonet have had their wishes come true. You can learn how to get the Monte Carlo catalyst with our handy guide.

Best exotic energy weapons in Destiny 2

Best exotic energy weapons in Destiny 2
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Tiers Weapons
S Tier

Vex Mythoclast

Trinity Ghoul


A Tier


Lorentz Driver



Dead Messenger

B Tier

Polaris Lance

Ticuu's Divination

Ruinous Effigy

Energy weapons are where we get to have a little fun, and focus on the strengths of our character builds. There are plenty of exotic Energy weapons that flow beautifully with one build or another, and then some that are beastly all on their own.

For example, there isn't a Solar build in the game that can't be made better with Sunshot, especially with the changes made in Season of the Witch. Likewise for Trinity Ghoul or Riskrunner for Arc builds. Or if you are working on a Void build, chances are the weapons you need right now are Le Monarque and Graviton Lance.

There are very few weapons in Destiny 2 that you need to own for PvE activities more than Divinity. It isn't as powerful as it once was but it is still a vital tool for every raid team. Or if you fancy competitive play over cooperative, there are few better methods for making opposing Guardians go away than with a shot from Jotunn directly to the dome.

Few weapons define the term exotic in Destiny 2 better than the Vex Mythoclast. This weapon has been a legend in this game since the early days of the first game and has been massively significant in Destiny 2 ever since it arrived alongside the Vault of Glass raid. If there is one weapon you should aspire to own, let it be this one.

Best exotic heavy weapons in Destiny 2

Best exotic heavy weapons in Destiny 2
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Tier List Weapons
S Tier

Heir Apparent


1k Voices

A Tier


Eyes of Tomorrow


Sleeper Simulant


B Tier

Black Talon



Tractor Cannon

Last but definitely not least, arguably the most, are the exotic Heavy weapons. It takes a lot to make a Guardian dedicate their one and only exotic weapon to a Heavy weapon, but the ones that make the cut do so in explosive fashion.

Few weapons fit this bill more than the Gjallarhorn. This weapon has been dominant in PvE since day one of Destiny, so powerful it created some serious balance issues back in the day. After some time it made its return in Destiny 2, much more balanced but still a monster of a weapon and a necessary addition to every player's arsenal.

Gally wasn't the only one to make the jump to Destiny 2, as we cannot forget about Thunderlord or Sleeper Simulant when talking about beastly weapons that came up. This trifecta of classic weapons will cover the vast majority of your exotic heavy weapon needs in both PvE and PvP.

Then there are the weapons that are particularly amazing in specific situations, such as the Xenophage machine gun that is more accurately described as a cannon, or The Lament chain sword that deals monstrous amounts of burst damage.

Heavy weapons can be very situational in their use, more so when you are talking about exotic heavy weapons. Having the weapons above in your pocket will keep you prepared for any situation, no matter how many gods and monsters you need to slay.

That is it for our guide to the best exotic weapons in Destiny 2. For more on the game, head to our Destiny 2 homepage, or check out our full breakdown of what's new in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch.

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