Destiny 2 Firepower Mod: What Does It Do?

Destiny 2 Firepower Mod: What Does It Do?
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21st Sep 2022 11:32

The Destiny 2 Firepower mod has been a powerful tool in build-crafting since the launch of Void 3.0. Now, with all three Destiny 2 Light subclasses having been reworked, it’s more powerful than ever. What does Firepower do, though? And why do so many Guardians include it in their build? We’re going to go over what the Destiny 2 Firepower mod does, why it’s powerful, and how you can get your hands on it for yourself. It’s powerful and opens your builds up to all kinds of options, so take advantage of it if you can.

Destiny 2 Firepower Mod: What It Does

Destiny 2 Firepower Mod - Arc Titan
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The Destiny 2 Firepower mod is a Solar combat-style mod that costs four energy. With it equipped, any time you throw a grenade, you will consume one stack of Charged with Light to regain around 15% of your grenade energy back. Firepower stacks with itself, so you could run three copies of it to increase that figure to 45%, or higher. 

Doing this will put your grenade regen on par with the melee version of Firepower - Heavy Handed, which does the same thing but gives you half of your melee energy back instantly. 


To translate that, using Firepower can potentially half the time it takes for you to get your grenade energy back - or double the number of grenades you can throw. When you combine this with certain effects, cooldown buffs, and equipment, you can end up with a build that effectively has infinite grenades. 

Firepower is an incredibly powerful Destiny 2 mod, especially since the introduction of Arc 3.0. It’s used in many top-tier grenade-based builds for all three classes, although Titans specifically have been seeing great results by combining it with Storm grenade builds. 

Destiny 2 Firepower Mod: How To Get It

Destiny 2 Firepower Mod - Ada-1 in the Tower
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That's what the Destiny 2 Firepower mod does, but how do you get it? Just like every other combat-style mod, unfortunately. The only way to get Firepower in Destiny 2 is to purchase it from Ada-1 in the Tower. Ada only sells a maximum of two combat-style mods at a time, and they rotate daily. Certain mods have gone several months without ever being sold, so if you don’t have Firepower already, it’s anyone’s guess when it’ll be back on sale. All you can do is check in with Ada daily to make sure you don’t miss it when it does come around.


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