Destiny 2: Best Hunter Build

Destiny 2: Best Hunter Build
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Eoin Black


14th Sep 2022 14:37

The idea behind this version of the best Hunter build in Destiny 2 is to maintain constant survivability and high damage. No subclass lets us do that nearly as well as Destiny 2’s Void 3.0. This might not be the best Hunter build for all of Destiny 2’s activities, but it will perform phenomenally on a blanket level.

With this build, we’ll have almost 100% uptime on our Invisibility, as well as a constant 60%+ damage buff. You can play around with the mod setup and some techie bits here and there - just maintain the build’s core and customize around it as you like. 

Destiny 2 - Best Hunter Build

Destiny 2 Best Hunter Build - Void 3.0
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Subclass - Void


  • Vanishing Step - An obvious staple of these kinds of builds. Dodging makes us Invisible and combos with Gambler’s Dodge to refund our Snare Bomb - which also makes us Invisible. 
  • Stylish Executioner - Also a staple. Any time we defeat a Void debuffed target, we turn Invisible. This combos well with our grenade and other players running Void. 


  • Echo of Undermining - Makes our Void grenade weaken targets to combo with Stylish Executioner. 
  • Echo of Persistence - Increases the duration of Devour and Invisibility - simple yet obviously effective.
  • Echo of Starvation - Grants Devour on each Orb pickup. Combined with our constant Invisibility, having constant Devour means we’ll practically never die if we micromanage our abilities correctly. 
  • Echo of Obscurity - Finishers grant Invisibility. This might sound clunky, but it works well with Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk (our exotic of choice) and acts as a failsafe if we have no Dodge or melee active. 


  • Gambler’s Dodge - Self-explanatory to keep Snare Bomb active. 
  • Triple Jump - Use whatever you’re comfortable with here. 
  • Snare Bomb - Only choice. 
  • Suppressor Grenade - This grenade will Weaken and Suppress targets. In high-end activities like Grandmasters, this makes it easier to get in close for a finisher. In other, easier activities, it can be swapped out for your grenade of choice. 

Destiny 2 - Best Hunter Build Gear

Destiny 2 Best Hunter Build - Gyrfalcon's Hauberk
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Exotic Armor - Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk

This is the Hunter exotic for Season 18. With it, performing finishers on targets will increase your Fireteam’s class ability regeneration. Finishing a target while Invisible will give your Fireteam a reserve Overshield that can be activated by using a class ability. Your Invisible finishers will also make any targets near you Volatile. On top of that, for five seconds after exciting invisibility, you will have a 35% damage buff. With how much we’re jumping in and out of invisibility, this will almost always be active. 


List of Destiny 2 Mods
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Combat-Style Mods

  • Heavy Handed - Using our melee ability will use up one Charged with Light (CWL) stack and refund half of the melee. Self-explanatory for keeping Invisibility active. 
  • Supercharged - Lets us have two more CWL stacks. 
  • Elemental Armaments - Kills with a Void weapon have a chance to drop a Void Elemental Well. This is how I opt to power Charged with Light, but you could go for a straight CWL build instead of a hybrid. 
  • Elemental Charge - Picking up an Elemental Well grants us a stack of CWL. 
  • Font of Might - +25% to weapon damage for 10 seconds after picking up a well. Combined with Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk and a weapon damage perk, it’s possible to maintain an almost +100% damage buff on your primary. 

Non-Combat Style Mods

  • Utility Finisher - Restores your class ability at the cost of 10th super bar when you finish a target. This synergizes well with Gyrfalcon’s.
  • Harmonic Siphon - Any orb-generation mod on your helmet here will work. 

That's a quick rundown of what we consider to be Destiny 2's best Hunter build. There's a lot of room to play around with here, so feel free to switch some things around depending on your playstyle. As long as the build's core remains the same, you should be just fine. 

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