Destiny 2: Best Titan Build

Destiny 2: Best Titan Build
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Eoin Black


19th Sep 2022 16:23

This Destiny 2 best Titan build is something that PvE players should be well familiar with by now. It’s a variation of the notoriously-strong Solar Melee builds that have been dominating the PvE sandbox for seasons at this point. Destiny 2 has never been a stranger to overpowered equipment or builds, but this has been the most consistently busted thing the game has ever seen. 

This build combines ludicrous damage, survivability, and ammo economy all while only utilizing a few key bits of gear. We don’t even need any mods to make this build work. The idea is to make our Throwing Hammer as powerful as possible - while healing at the same time. 

We’ve got a ton of versatility in just how hard we want to go in on our damage, too. We can use One-Two Punch and Tractor Cannon to really turn things up a notch, or we can just chill out while taking care of some AD-clear. Either way, this build excels in everything including Grandmaster Nightfalls but excluding most raid boss encounters. Aside from that, you can trivialize pretty much everything in Destiny 2 with our take on the best Titan build. 

Destiny 2: Best Titan Build

Destiny 2: Best Titan Build - Sol Invictus
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Subclass - Solar


  • Sol Invictus - Obviously a must-use. This build has us up in enemies’ faces constantly - so we need to spec heavily into our survival options. We’re going to be creating a ton of Sunspots that give us better regen, Scorch enemies, and apply Restoration to us - dealing more damage and keeping us alive. 
  • Roaring Flames - The uncharged melee attacks doing Scorch are nice, but the reason we’re using this is for the 3x Roaring Flames damage buff to our melee giving us 30% more damage with Synthoceps active, and 74% more damage with inactive. 


  • Ember of Torches - Powered Melee attacks make you and your allies Radiant - giving us and our team even more damage. 
  • Ember of Benevolence - This synergizes with Ember of Torches by increasing our regen for all abilities anytime we make an ally Radiant. 
  • Ember of Char - We’re going to be getting Solar Ignitions thanks to our Sunspots. Whenever we get an Ignition - we’ll spread Scorch, letting us create more Sunspots for more healing and Ignitions in one big loop. 
  • Ember of Eruption - Makes our Ignitions larger, simple yet incredibly effective. 


  • Towering Barricade - Personal choice. 
  • Strafe Lift - Again, personal choice. 
  • Throwing Hammer - Obviously mandatory. The entire build revolves around this hammer. 
  • Solar Grenade - Also personal choice. 


Destiny 2 - Best Titan Build Gear

Destiny 2: Best Titan Build - Synthoceps
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Exotic Armor - Synthoceps or Wormgod’s Caress 

Even with Bungie nerfing Solar Hammer Titan builds several times - they’re still great. We don’t even need to change anything to be putting up insane performances. Case in point: we can still use either Synthoceps or Wormgod’s Caress for insane damage numbers. 

Now Wormgod’s will give you much more total damage. At five stacks, it gives us 650% more melee damage, but we need to get five melee kills to get that buff active, and it doesn’t last that long. In certain encounters, this Exotic will be vastly superior to Synthoceps - which only gives 200% more damage. However, that 200% is active passively if we’re surrounded by three or more enemies, making it much easier to maintain. 

Keep both of these in your back pocket and switch to whichever one the situation calls for. 


Destiny 2: Best Titan Build Mod Menu
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Combat-Style Mods

  • Melee Wellmaker - This entire build is centred around our Melee, we’re going to be making a ton of Wells with this mod. 
  • Well of Life - Combined with Melee Wellmaker, our Sunspots, and Cure, this will give us a ludicrous amount of healing every time we kill something with our Hammer. These are the only two important combat-style mods, everything else is personal preference really.

Non-Combat Style Mods

  • Ammo mods of choice - This build is so incredibly effective that you don’t really need any essential mods. Even ammo mods aren’t too important because our DPS damage comes from our Melee. 

That’s all there is to this build - it plays itself. Just keep hitting things with your hammer and you’ll do fine. Once you get the hang of this build and stacking your buffs and debuffs, you’ll be able to take it into solo runs of the hardest content Destiny has to offer - and you’ll feel like you’re playing a regular old strike. 

Eoin has been playing video games his entire life. With a background in Call of Duty and Valorant Esports, he brings a wealth of competitive experience to everything he writes.

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