How To Use Valkyrie In Apex Legends

How To Use Valkyrie In Apex Legends

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Coleman Hamstead


5th May 2021 17:30

Despite her status as Apex’s newest Legend, Kairi “Valkyrie” Imahara has a deep lore-filled history in this universe. Valkyrie is the daughter of Viper, a major antagonist in the Titanfall series. Her relationship with her father united her with the Apex Games’ founder, Kuben Blisk. Valk blames Blisk for her father’s death, as he was Viper’s commander and responsible for placing Viper in harm's way. Valkyrie joined the Apex Games to honour her father in hopes of creating her own legacy. Hence, Season 9’s alias, Legacy.

When it comes to actual gameplay, Valkyrie looks to launch out of the gate as one of Apex’s strongest Legends. Lead Game Designer, Daniel Klien, said himself that he’s terrified she might already be too strong

So, what’s the secret to success with this new high-flying Legend? This guide will overview Valkyrie’s entire kit as we unveil the keys to dominating as the Winged Avenger.

Perk - Recon

Valkyrie is a Recon Legend, meaning she has the ability to scan Survey Beacons and reveal the location of the next ring. The Recon perk is useful at all levels of play, but it is especially important in Ranked Mode and professional play.

When it comes to Apex Legends, the more stacked the lobby is, the more slow and tactical the gameplay will be. Under these circumstances, surviving is the priority. Fighting is usually too risky to be worth it. Due to this, every squad plays super slow and focuses on ring control.

Knowing where the next ring is in Ranked Mode and pro play is crucial to success. For this reason, almost every team uses a Recon Legend. A common strategy consists of scanning for the next ring and then immediately rotating toward a safe location within that ring. Teams want to get set up as fast as possible before enemy squads can steal the best spots.

Thanks to Valkyrie’s Recon legend status, she is able to compete for a spot with Bloodhound, Crypto, and Pathfinder.


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Passive - VTOL Jets

Valkyrie’s Passive ability is the highlight of her kit. The VTOL Jets are essentially just a jetpack. Valkyrie can use the VTOL Jets to fly in the air and hover above the ground. The VTOL Jets can be engaged for about seven seconds before the fuel levels are depleted. After depletion, it takes around ten seconds for the fuel levels to fully recharge.

The developers learned from their mistakes with Horizon; Valkyrie can not fire any weapons while actively using her jetpack. However, Valkyrie’s Tactical ability is usable mid-air. Finally, while in the sky, Valkyrie will highlight any enemies that she has a direct line-of-sight on. This ability works similar to Bloodhound’s scan.

Movement is king in Apex Legends — especially vertical movement. There’s a reason Horizon has been such an ascendant force since her release. Players have a difficult time dealing with a Legend that can transfer from low ground to high ground at a moment's notice.

Valk’s VTOL Jets offer perhaps the strongest vertical movement ability we’ve ever seen in Apex Legends, and it’s only her Passive. She may not be able to shoot or heal in the air like Horizon, but she can rise up at a much faster rate. Also, toggling the jetpack on and off allows Valkyrie to strafe in the sky, turning her into a very slippery target.

Valkyrie’s VTOL Jets are best used as a way to claim power positions mid-fight. Get caught in the streets of Capital City by a team lying in wait? Use the VTOL Jets to boost to a rooftop and escape. Alternatively, Valk could use her newfound high ground to unload on the opposition from above. Most other Legends would be forced to walk up the stairs or take a zipline to the roof. Valkyrie can simply jetpack to the top.

Valkyrie’s Passive ability alone makes her one of the most adept individual Legends in the game when it comes to straight-up team fights.

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Tactical - Missile Swarm

While Valkyrie’s kit as a whole can compete with the best of them, her Tactical ability leaves much to be desired. Missile Swarm launches twelve missiles in a four-by-three array. These missiles stun enemies and deal minor damage on impact. This ability is best used in unison with Valk’s jetpack. Missile Swarm is ineffective when used from low ground or inside of a building.

Valkyrie players should use Missile Swarm as a supplemental offensive tool. On its own, this ability won’t have much of an impact in a fight. The first missile that hits deals 25 damage and each subsequent missile that lands on target adds an additional three damage. This is but a scratch when enemies typically walk around with 150 HP minimum.

The redeeming quality of Missile Swarm is the fact that it comes with a mere 30-second cooldown. Valkyrie can continually pop this ability and pester enemy teams. Missile Swarm is at its best when used to force enemies out of cover and encourage them to reposition. Valkyrie’s teammates can also take advantage of the disorientation that occurs when an enemy is hit by the Missile Swarm.


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Ultimate - Skyward Dive

Valkyrie’s Ultimate ability is what is going to make her a top tier pick in Ranked Mode and professional play. Skyward Dive works as an on-the-go Jump Tower. Upon activation of the Ultimate, Valk and her team launch high into the air and proceed to skydive — just like a Jump Tower. The ability takes two seconds to activate and teammates can opt to join in or not. Like Valkyrie’ Passive, Skyward Dive will highlight any enemies Valk spots during the dive phase. 

This ability will prove invaluable in stacked lobbies. After scanning a Survey Beacon with Valk’s Recon perk, Valkyrie can immediately transport her entire team to the next ring. Teams running Valkyrie will have a massive advantage when it comes to setting up for the endgame.

Skyward Dive will have its more casual uses as well. Valkyrie can use this ability as a desperation escape method. Stuck in a sticky situation with seemingly no way out? Initiate Skyward Dive and live to fight another day. This ability can even be paired with something like Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection to ensure a safe launch.

Aggressive players can use Skyward Dive as a way to hunt down opposing teams. Chasing that elusive 20 bomb? Try soaring around the map using Valk’s Ultimate. Squads composed of a Valkyrie player will be able to transverse the map as we’ve never seen before. Skyward Dive allows aggressive players to constantly pursue fights and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Skyward Dive does it all. Valkyrie can use her Ultimate offensively, defensively, or as a rotational tool.

Valkyrie is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Legends the Apex Games has ever seen. We’ll surely be seeing a lot of her, as she is set to be a feature of both casual and competitive play. Use this guide to master Valkyrie and become one with the skies.


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Coleman is a freelance journalist at GGRecon. While gaming has always been his passion, it wasn’t until he worked as a Sports Journalist at the Community College of Baltimore County that he found his enthusiasm for writing. In the time since Coleman has had his work featured in publications such as The Washington Post/Launcher and ESTNN. Coleman is a graduate of Towson University with a degree in Sport Management and Business Administration.

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