What is NVIDIA Reflex? Best games to use NVIDIA Reflex for low latency

What is NVIDIA Reflex? Best games to use NVIDIA Reflex for low latency
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NVIDIA's Reflex technology is a new way of making your experience across a multitude of different games that much smoother. However, if you're unsure of where to start, we've got all you need to know about what it is alongside a breakdown of the best games we'd recommend using it with.

NVIDIA is known for driving gaming technology forward on PC, with its high-power graphics cards and tech like DLSS allowing games to run even better with the use of AI. Alongside boosts to performance, gamers can benefit from NVIDIA Reflex to reduce system latency on compatible GeForce GPUs, making games feel more responsive and giving you that edge in those tense moments.

So, let's get into what we know about NVIDIA Reflex below, along with some of the best games to use it with.

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What is NVIDIA Reflex?

NVIDIA Reflex is an esports technology designed to both measure and reduce latency in gaming, ensuring your inputs are replicated on the screen as quickly as possible for faster target acquisition, quicker reaction times, and better-aiming precision.

The technology works by taking advantage of the GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs to reduce your system's latency, ensuring frames are delivered to your monitor as quickly as possible. Combining NVIDIA Reflex with a high refresh rate G-SYNC monitor will provide the best possible low-latency, tear-free experience in your games.

While you may think this is a technology only available to people able to purchase the most expensive hardware, as long as you have a GeForce 900 series card or above, you can enable Reflex in supported games like Fortnite, VALORANT, and Apex Legends. Vulkan titles, like Rainbow Six Siege, offer NVIDIA Reflex technology on GeForce 10 series cards and above.

For players looking to upgrade, latency can be reduced even further with 40 Series GPUs, meaning even entry-level cards like the GeForce RTX 4060 can be used with Reflex. Finally, you can max out the effect of the NVIDIA Reflex technology with a 360Hz G-SYNC compatible monitor.

a graphic comparing latency in different games with NVIDIA Reflex
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Combining the Reflex setting in supported games with a 40 Series GPU and a G-SYNC monitor, you will be able to reach system latency as low as 12 milliseconds, giving you a massive advantage over other players during competitive gaming.

For a more in-depth explanation behind the mechanics of NVIDIA Reflex, and how you can best take advantage of it with supported hardware, check out the video from NVIDIA themselves embedded further up.

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How to enable NVIDIA Reflex

Now you know about the possibilities of NVIDIA Reflex, you'll be wanting to try it out yourself. Before you do though, you will require the following at least:

  • An NVIDIA GPU (GTX 900 Series and further)
  • A Reflex-supported game

Luckily, it's extremely easy to enable the technology in supported games, as each will have its own video or graphics options menu where NVIDIA Reflex can be activated.

Below, we'll highlight how to do it in Fortnite.

an image of the NVIDIA Reflex enable option in Fortnite
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Image via Epic Games | NVIDIA

  1. From the Fortnite main menu, select the settings cog
  2. Head to the 'Video' tab (which should be the first along the top bar)
  3. Scroll down to 'Advanced Graphics'
  4. Turn 'NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency' to 'On' or 'On +Boost'
  5. Jump into a game and feel the difference in latency

It's worth noting that Reflex technology is supported on all 40 Series GPUs and will be enabled by default in some titles. You can check if NVIDIA Reflex is enabled by heading to the game's settings menus and checking that NVIDIA Reflex is set to 'Enabled' or 'Enabled + Boost'.

However, if you're looking to see latency metrics, you can view these in GeForce Experience using a Reflex compatible mouse and a G-SYNC display to analyse end-to-end system latency - that's from a mouse click to an action appearing on-screen.

If you want to know all of the supported games, mice, and monitors for NVIDIA Reflex, check out the supported products page on the NVIDIA website.

Best games to use with NVIDIA Reflex

If you've checked out the supported products page, you'll notice that there are many games best suited to supporting NVIDIA Reflex technology. 

While it's primarily designed for competitive games and esports-focused titles, it can be used with a variety of titles too. 

For a rundown of which games we think make the best use of NVIDIA Reflex's technology, check out our curated list below.

Apex Legends

an image of Apex Legends, one of the best games to use with NVIDIA Reflex
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Image via Respawn

Apex Legends is one game that's best suited to using NVIDIA Reflex due to it being a competitive FPS game with rapid movement and lots of verticality.

In a game where you'll need to ensure you can snap to targets as quickly as possible as they appear over the horizon, Reflex's low latency technology will aid your hand in hitting the most difficult shots and optimise your performance - meaning that you'll be better primed to take down your opponents as you battle it out for victory.

Cyberpunk 2077

an image of Cyberpunk 2077
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Image via CD Projekt RED

With Cyberpunk 2077 looking as good as it does, it's become a showcase for many of NVIDIA's different technologies, such as DLSS and even their latest GPUs. 

While Reflex won't provide you with the competitive advantage over other players here (as it's a single-player RPG), it will ensure every move you make is translated to the screen as quickly and accurately as possible - making for a buttery smooth experience as you explore all that awaits you in Night City. 

Diablo 4

an image of Diablo 4, one of the best games to use with NVIDIA Reflex
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Image via Blizzard

Another of the best games to use with NVIDIA Reflex is undoubtedly Diablo 4, the latest entry in the action role-playing game series from Blizzard. 

As fast-paced as Diablo 4 is, you'll often be clicking rapidly to use all manner of abilities, skills, and manoeuvring to avoid all manner of enemies within Sanctuary, who can do a lot of damage if you aren't careful. 

With Reflex enabled here, every mouse click will be translated to the screen much faster, giving you a well-needed boost in your fight against the hordes of hell.

Destiny 2

an image of Destiny 2
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Image via Bungie

Another FPS entry on this list, Destiny 2 gives players the opportunity to fight against both computer-controlled AI and other Guardians, depending on the game mode you feel like playing. 

In both circumstances, NVIDIA Reflex will offer you much better response times and precision in your actions, letting you come out on top no matter who you go up against.

Red Dead Redemption 2

an image of Red Redemption 2, one of the best games to use with NVIDIA Reflex
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Image via Rockstar

While Red Dead Redemption 2 can be quite a peaceful experience if you want it to be - giving you the option to mosey around the wide open frontier on horseback - it's still one of the best games to use with NVIDIA Reflex due to how quickly things can turn to violence.

Reflex is particularly useful in Red Dead Online if you've taken up a bounty, or if a player feels like staging a robbery when coming across you online. You'll need to be quick on the draw to keep yourself alive and defend yourself - and what better than a technology designed to optimise that specific action?

Spider-Man Remastered

an image of Spider-Man Remastered
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Image via Insomniac

Swinging around the city of New York is one of the most satisfying aspects of Spider-Man Remastered, and it can be made even better with the addition of NVIDIA Reflex. 

Whether you're chasing down one of Spider-Man's pesky villains or swinging after a collectable, NVIDIA Reflex will ensure Spidey's legendary athleticism and mobility are translated to the screen in a visceral, much smoother way than without the technology.

Overwatch 2 

an image of Overwatch 2, one of the best games to use with NVIDIA Reflex
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Image via Blizzard

Winning a game of Overwatch 2 requires both focus and the ability to perform in a fight when it counts, and that's where NVIDIA Reflex comes in. 

If you need to hit precise shots as Widowmaker, bring up Reinhardt's shield at a second's notice to deny damage, or land in the perfect spot to get off Genji's ultimate, Reflex will aid your performance and make every input far more accurate. 

So, that's all you need to know about what NVIDIA Reflex is, and which games we think are best suited to using the software. For more on the latest NVIDIA news, be sure to check out (and follow!) its official Twitter page, where you'll find details on everything from sales to games supported by features such as DLSS.

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