7 best HDMI cables for PS5 from PowerA to BrightOn

7 best HDMI cables for PS5 from PowerA to BrightOn
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We've broken down all of the best HDMI cables you can pick up for the PS5, including PowerA, BrightOn, and more, as when completing your console set-up, you’ve got to include the finer details - even down to the HDMI cables.

An HDMI cable may not seem like much, but it can make all the difference when it comes to appreciating the visuals the PS5 has to offer, and it's an essential hardware component. Some of our picks included in this list will fit perfectly with your PS5 and have you appreciating those gorgeous visuals all the more.

How we chose the best HDMI cables for PS5

While selecting an HDMI cable might not seem like the first thought that crosses your mind when you’re establishing your PS5 set-up, it’s a necessity if you’re going to be enjoying a longer gaming session.

In compiling this list, we took visuals, quality and cost into consideration so that you can find an HDMI that will complement the PS5’s design, will have longevity and is cost-effective if you should need to find one at a moment’s notice.

Our top HDMI cable picks


The Avibrex HDMI cable
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Image via AviBrex

When it comes to bringing out the best in your PS5’s visuals, the AviBrex is top of the range. As an 8K cable, the AviBrex shines in maximising the functions of your graphics, helping to make your games run smoother with little to no stuttering.

With its nylon covering, the AviBrex is incredibly durable, which is a boon should you be frequently unplugging for transportation purposes. Or, should you wish to utilise your older consoles, the HDMI cable is also compatible with older generations, right down to PS3.

Despite its hefty price tag, this could be the cable that provides you with the ultimate PlayStation experience.


BrightOn HDMI cable
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Image via BrightOn

When it comes to creating a starter pack, the BrightOn package includes a USB, Ethernet and HDMI cable to get you started. All the cables, including the HDMI cable, are gold-plated, improving their connection and overall display quality.

While the HDMI is the main focus here and is capable of transferring every frame of your console with its speedy output, the complete package for its affordable price is a bonus when setting up your PS5.


The Stouchi HDMI cable
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Image via Stouchi

For one of the more affordable ranges on this list, the Stouchi HDMI cable is also incredibly versatile. While we’ll be focusing on its benefits for the PS5 here, it is also backwards compatible with HDMI 2.0, 1.4, 1.3, 1.2 and 1.1 and optimal for gaming and streaming.

When it comes to the cable itself, it is covered in double-braided nylon to give it that little bit of extra protection. If you’re going to be frequently unplugging or taking it out for travel, then this is one of the sturdiest you will find.

UGREEN Right Angle

The UGreen HDMI Cable
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Image via UGREEN

Sometimes, if you're working in a restrictive area, you need a bit of a workaround to help get the HDMI in place. If that's the case, then the Ugreen Right Angeled HDMI cable is the one for you.

With the unique right-angled end, you have a little more versatility when plugging in the HDMI cable to your television or monitor without having to bend your cable too much or risk it fraying.

Amazon Basics

The Amazon Basics HDMI Cable
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Image via Amazon

Sometimes, you just need a cable at a moment’s notice and one that fits within a decent budget. So, when it comes to finding something fast and affordable, the Amazon Basics HDMI cable has you covered.

Despite its low price tag, the Amazon Basics cable also features a gold-plated HDMI connector which helps alleviate corrosion and increases overall connectivity.


The iBirdie HDMI cable
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Image via iBirdie

Boasting a variety of everything from 1.5 to 30 feet, the iBirdie is an incredibly versatile 8K HMDI cable that can be worked around any set-up.

For those looking for a smaller, more contained cable, there is an option for it. For those who need to trail a cable along a specific length, then this is the one to choose.

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What is the best HDMI cable for PS5?


The PowerA HDMI cable
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Image via PowerA

When it comes to both affordability and quality, the PowerA HDMI cable is the best of both worlds. PowerA is one of a select few companies authorised by Sony to sell PlayStation-branded products despite being a third party.

While a little on the pricier side compared to the selections on this list, the quality of the cable shines through. So, if you’re someone who also wants to keep with the black and white design of the PS5, as well as have a cable that features the PlayStation logo, as well as aiming to have a cable for the long term, then this is the HDMI for you.

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