How to use Discord on PlayStation: PS5 & PS4 explained

How to use Discord on PlayStation: PS5 & PS4 explained
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13th Mar 2023 14:29

You may wonder, how can you use Discord on PlayStation? Discord is a popular voice chat app, often used by PC gamers to talk in-game with other players and form fan communities.

With the introduction of Discord Voice Chat for Xbox Series X/S tests, fans are wondering if, and indeed when, Discord can be used on PlayStation.

When is Discord support coming to PlayStation?

When is Discord support coming to PlayStation?
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PlayStation confirmed in a blog post that Discord voice chat support will be added in an update set to roll out on March 8, 2023, meaning Discord support is now out if you are reading this.

Industry insider Tom Henderson leaked back in August that Discord support would be coming on March 8, with the release of PS5 system update 7.0. This was based on the beta test of this update, which was made available to testers several months ago. 

How to use Discord on PlayStation 5

How to use Discord on PlayStation 5
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The previously linked blog post covers how Discord works on PlayStation 5, but we'll run through how to set it up and get it working below.

  1. Install the PS5 7.0 update to your console.
  2. Head to 'Settings', 'Users and Accounts', and then 'Linked Services'. 
  3. Select the Discord option and link your Discord account with your PlayStation account.
  4. Download Discord on your mobile phone.
  5. Open the app, select a voice channel to join, then click 'Voice Controls', and choose the option to 'Join on PlayStation'. 
  6. A pop-up will then let you choose to 'Transfer to PlayStation'.
  7. On the PlayStation, press the options button and pin Discord to the side of the screen.
  8. You can now change voice channels, use chat features, mute, alter the volume, and more on your PlayStation. 

Will Discord be coming to PS4?

With PS5's still proving difficult to get a hold of, many console fans are still playing on a PS4, but will still want to take advantage of Discord integration when it officially launches. However, a tweet from Zuby_Tech suggests that only those who own a PS5 will have access to voice chat.

This may also mean that, if true, people playing the same game across PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 wouldn't be able to communicate with each other via native console Discord support.

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